"Don't run out of airspeed'
ideas, and altitude all at the
same time"

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                          Transform FS2004 into the Golden Age of Flight with Golden Wings 3...it's free
         GW3 Aircraft  page 2  
           Bug Fix By Paul Opizzato: Fixes the can not load gauge problem on some AC****

Waco CTO MailWing 1929
by Golden Age Simulations
Multi Skins, a real nice representation
Required gauge package and paint kit included

Download Sound **** by Aaron Swindle

Fleet Model 2 "Phoenix Meteor" 1930
By Steven Myers
Textures by Leon Louis
Selectable Panels by Leon Louis
Extensive documentation

Download ****
Download gauges ****

Lockheed Electra L-10
By the FS Design Group
Textures by Francis Silva
Panel and Gauges by Arik Hohmeyer
Includes FSDB-weight-tool
A True work of art

Download ****

Junkers JW33
By Hauke Keitel and Rolf-Uwe Hochmuth
Wheeled and Ski Versions
Great Panel and Gauges
Automated Pushback and Entry doors
5 star representation but 4 is our highest rating

Download ****

Flygvapnet SK-14 ( BT-9, BT-14) 1935
By Denis and Daniel da Silva
Panel by John Lemmers
Textures by Ronny Olofsson, Richard Brinkeback
includes gauges and effects folders

Download ***

Flygvapnet TP-81 ( Swedish Goose 21) 1937
By Lynn and Bill Lyons
Textures by Ronny Olofsson, Richard Brinkeback
The best VC panel ever constructed
includes gauges and effects folders

Download ****

Standard D-25
by Golden Age Simulations
includes 2D and VC Panel
in 2 Color schemes
Passengers can be turned on/off

Download ***

Fokker D.XVII
by Wim Regeer
includes 2D and VC Panel
in 3 Color schemes
required for the CD-De_Vlijt scenery

Download ***

General Aircraft Monospar
ST-25 Air Ambulance
By Jens B. Kristensen
in 2 liveries
a different kind of aircraft


KoolHoven FK58
by Michel Migaud
Air File by Jean-Pierre Bourgeois
Sound by Steve Bucchanan (LawDog)
in 2 models and 6 skins


Hawker Osprey Float version
By Ted Cook
Sound by Des Braban
includes gauge package
see Teds site in our link section

Download ***

Norecrin 1203
by Emmanuel Geffroy
a very rare and fun find
nice panel, gauge package included
more than worth the download

Download ***

NAF N3N Floatplane
by AF Srub
2 seat primary trainer
7 skins by Mick Morrissey
1940 thru 1960 skins
more than worth the download

Download ***

Vought OS2U-3 Kingfisher w/ catapult launch
by Paul Clawson
catapult launch from the USS Idaho pre-WWII
All required Files Included
If at first you do not succeed, read the instructions

Download ***

Avia 51 Float version
By Milton Shupe, Nigel Richards, Matt Wynn
OleBoys Painshop, John Smith and the SOH team
includes gauge and effects packages
a really great piece of work
not for the slowest of computers

Download ****

Grumman_G44_Widgeon ( original USCG Version)
By Joe Binka
2D Panel by Michael Verlin
includes gauge package
a must for all collectors

Download ***

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