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                                      Combat Flight Simulator 1 and 2 missions and campaigns
                                                        Please find WWI missions at the bottom of page
                                                            See the All New Vietnam for CFS2 Here
Cors Italy 1941 Addon Missions and Campaigns for Corsica and Italy 1941 for CFS1
  Missions 1 A 6 pack of missions based around Malta 1941-42, Includes the Spit VB
and all required AI aircraft. Let me know what you think. by No Dice ***
  IC Missions1 8 missions or 1 campaign based around Corsica 1942 by Andrew Swetye
mission settings must be set on ACE. Let me know what you think. ***
Missions CFS1 Addon Missions and Campaigns for CFS1
     Cams by Alberto Paoleschi, Catapult launch Hurricanes in the Artic ***
     Team An easter egg by microsoft, Fly with the CFS1 developement team ****
   Special An easter egg by microsoft, attack the London airshow ****
Bremen cfs1 by microsoft,original add-on, protect or destroy the bombers over Bremen
learn how to build these missions in the Tutorial section. ****
Cobra's Fangs by microsoft CFS1,original add-on, destroy german armor **** 
Replace rob_4 by microsoft CFS1,original Fix to altered textures in this mission ****
Johnson Mis by William Potvin, Escort bombers to Villacoublay ****
   The 56th by Bill Potvin, Historically accurate 6 mission campaign of the 56th ****
  51's to Paris by Paul Simpson, P51's to Paris with a suprize ****
Castle-Mission by Bill Potvin, Escort the 487th to Babenhausen ****
   The Bulge By Bill Potvin, 8 mission campaign "Battle of the Bulge" ****
  Hitlers Train Protect or Destroy Hitlers Train ( not tested yet )
  Endurance by Pablo Bauleo, P-47 flying tanks, 12 mission campaign 1943 ***
Black Thursday by Paul Valenzuela, Historical bombing raid on Schweinfurt, 99 planes in the air ****
  RAF1940 by Ron Lewandowski, 15 mission Campaign based on events of 1940 ****
    Ploesti By Bill Potvin, Ploesti mission and scenery pack ****
  Gravesend By Alberto Paoleschi, historical attack on Gravesend ***
   12 oclock By Jorge Alsina, 2 missions in 1943, intercept the (70) B-17s***
   Ardenne1 By Jorge Alsina, 2 missions Jan 1945, attack or defend German ground forces***
  Swiss109 By Jorge Alsina, 2 historical May 1940 missions, Swiss vs Germans ***
     Fly the 5 By Richard Steele, missions for the Spit V Collection in the Aircraft 1 section (not tested)
    SX RDF By Terry Baldwin, Protect the RDF Stations on the Sussex Channel ***
   JU87RDF By Terry Baldwin, Destroy the RDF Stations on the Sussex Channel ***
   P38 MIS By Ryan Franklin, 12 missions or 1 campaign that will work with the Glacier Girl ***
   B17 MIS By Steven H., 2 bombing missions for the B17 ( not tested)
  B17-1 MIS By Richard Steele, 2 bombing missions for the B17g ***
    Ms406 By Gerald West, 3 historical France 1940 missions for the Ms406 fighter***
     B152 By Gerald West, 1 historical France 1940 mission for the Bloch 152 fighter***
Note: also requires the Potez 63.11 in the Aircraft page 1 section
     D520 By Gerald West, 3 historical France 1940 missions for the D-520 fighter***
Note: includes the required Hs123A.
   Bf109mis 4 missions for the Bf109E over France 1940 ***
Note:also requires the D-520,Ms406 aircraft page 2 and the Swordfish on page 3.
   C205mis 6 missions for the MC205 by Bill Poledunker (not tested yet)
By Ross McLennan
All required Aircraft and Scenery included
Fly your training missions, make the grade and then start the four mission
historical Dambusters campaign. ****
By Gregg Bond and Crew
All required Aircraft and Scenery included ( Not Tested, Let me know)
Fly the Typhoon and Tempest in a Bridge to Far, Operation Market Garden

Typhoon and Tempest add on for "A Bridge to Far"
By Richard Steele
requires above download, two 8 mission campaigns
includes additional required scenery and ai aircraft

Missions CFS2 Addon Missions and Campaigns for CFS2
    Vietnam The all new Vietnam release for CFS2, scenery , missions and more
   Missions1 The original add-on Foss and Sakai missions by Microsoft****
LadyintheDark Ground attack under heavy fire for the P61 by Chris Sohn***
SBD missions 7 missions or 1 campaign for the SBD by the well known FDG2 group ****
TBD mission "Sink the Soryu" in your TBD1 by Jon Wold ****
Torp training 3 training missions on how to use torpedos in the TBD1 by W.Wright ***
By the Ground Crew Design Group
in the CFS2 Aircraft section page 1 ****
    Akagi Attack the Akagi moored at Wake Island, By Ghost Pony ***
F3H campaign The Flying Barrels campaign and training mission By David Brauneis ***
Required A/C and ship HERE   Required Scenery HERE
 In Defence of  Australia 1942 An addon campaign from Allied and Axis sides, includes aircraft
I would give it 5 stars, but our highest rating is 4 ****
  P-39 1942 Historical mission flown by 2nd Lt. Don McGee USAAF 1942
out of Port Moresby. by Frans von Baron (not tested)
       DCG ****
No longer avail. on the web.. This download includes version 632 and
a copy of Airboss_64 by Ettico....Please read the read me files for each.
    DCG.1 Thanks to Capt. Kurt for sending these in :
Use these with the above DCG programs ****
Missions Sites
Sites Featuring Addon Missions and Campaigns for CFS1 and CFS2
   by Rami Enough great campaigns to fill a hard drive **** link to download
  Korea CFS2 *** link to download
   The Bridge
   At Remagen
**** link to download
  World War 1 for CFS1 or CFS2 see our side bar to the left ****
Utilities Create your own missions, see mission writers in the utility section
Tutorials Create your own missions, see how with examples in the tutorial section


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