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ideas, and altitude all at the
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Sardinia 1941 released
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        Welcome to our Introduction to Microsoft Flight Simulation for CFS1, CFS2 and FS2004
It is very easy and inexpensive to start flying flight simulation on your computer for fun or actually learning to fly.
I feel it is very important to worn you that this hobby can be very addictive, so if you are of an addictive personality
you may want to stop now before you add another addiction to your list. Otherwise please read on...at your own risk.
Getting Started is Easy:
Are you more interested in learning the particulars of flying a specific aircraft ? see FS2004

If you are more interested in learning the basics of flight along with the thrill of historical combat
dogfighting against the computer generated enemy or flying online with or against others then you
want to start out with one of the combat series. CFS1 or 2

If you are more interested in getting your children, nieces or nephews off of the Xbox or out from in front of the television
and get them interested in history, flight or creating simulation art; then see any of the below.
Flight Simulation makes for a great gift and/or family fun over an in-home network or internet.

If you are or have an artist in the family, let them try a hand at creating aircraft, airports , scenery or other
add-ons that can be shared with others in the community for download over the internet on sites like this.

Flight Simulation is a fantastic hobby and the community is made up of some very helpful people that are
more than happy to help get you started in any and all aspects of it. Be sure to check out the forums at left.

If you should have any questions that are not answered on the site; please contact me Dave or stop by the
SOH forum
and introduce yourself, everything you want to know is available there.

The Original and my Favorite****
Combat Flight Simulator WWII Europe Sereies ( CFS1)

Will run on Windows 98 and up with 500 megs or more
about $40 to $60US at Amazon.com

Fly on Line with friends
more info
Second in line offering more features than CFS1****
Combat Flight Simulator
WWII Pacific Theater (CFS2)
and now includes europe and the modern theaters of  war
and more via free add ons posted on this site and others.
Will run on Windows 98 and up with 600 megs or more
about $50 to $70 US at Amazon.com

Fly on line with friends more info
Third in line.....CFS2 style in Europe... not one of my favorites**
Combat Flight Simulator
Battle for Europe (CFS3)
Will run on Windows XP and up with 1 gig or more
about $20 to $40 US at Amazon.com
For the Flight Enthusiest rather than the combat flight pilot.****
Flight Simulator 2004 (FS9) or 2002(FS8), FS2000

Will run on Windows XP and up and 1 gig or more
about $30 to $50US at Amazon.com

Fly on line with friends more info
Accessories that you will need
A Joystick is a must. Many types are available over the internet
I use a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro that can be purchased over the
internet for about $39.00 US
Suggested Accessories

Dual Ear Headset with mic and volume control
These are usefull for many reasons including: Keeping the noise level
to yourself ,talking to and hearing other pilots while flying in multiplayer
over your home network or internet. about $22.00US almost anywhere.
Full Blown " learn to how to fly" accessories

Foot Pedels, Yoke, Throttle combination and more
For the person that wants to put in some practice time before signing up
for the actual flying lessons..this is a good start. Depending on your wants
needs and budget you can go full blown starting at about $200.00 and up.

      Pure Joy, Lainey's fisrt airplane ride
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