"Don't run out of airspeed'
ideas, and altitude all at the
same time"

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On Line Squadrons



  Welcome to the CFS1 Scenery section page 2, offering what we think is essential or the best of the best.
                                   files for the Die Hard CFS1 and CFS2 Simulator Collectors

Moving Convoy
Martin Wright Introduces moving objects
A moving convoy of ships off the Dover Cliffs
Just one example of what he has taught us
A true CFS1 pioneer and programmer
Graphics Utilities and much more
See all he has to offer us in our link section


BrookLands Fleet

A landable Carrier with escorts 12 miles off the coast
of Brooklands and west of Hawkinge. A nice piece for
mission writers and fun fly over for all.

Self install version.


Active Scenery for CFS1
Martin Wright Introduces moving objects to cfs1
ground vehicles, aircraft takeoffs, landings and more.
Make your airfields more realistic and fun to fly.
Simply drop in your Scenery..all..scenery folder

Download each airfield ***


Coal Train
By Mike Rennie
Features a static coal train with wagons and brake van.
Fits in well with the Brooklands scenery above
Includes the suggested replacement 2-track bitmap.

Download ***

If you enjoy static and moving trains in your scenery
be sure to check out FS Rail in the sidebar.

The Graf_Zeppelin for CFS1
with escorts, landable and shows in your AFD
You will take off from the deck, landing back on the
deck will take some practice though. Great Fun !
Simply drop in your Scenery..all..scenery folder


AAC Ripe for CFS1
A Master piece by Guy Gauvreau
an airfield located in southern England 1943
features active and radio controlled objects
authentic macros designed from actual plans
extensive documentation and instructions
A Must Have For All

Download      See more of his great work here

Leuna Germany Oil Complex
By Edmundo Abad
an extensive scenery southwest of Leipzig
featuring some of James Elwoods exploding
objects. Very detailed and worth the download.


Wasp CV-7 carrier task force    NEW from milo
By milo carbis aka smilo
In the Mediterranean off of Sardinia headed to Malta
Intended to work with Corsica and Italy scenery Heree
Includes CFO lite and instructions
Look for missions soon

Download on smilos page heree ****

Are you a Mission Writer? If you are creating add-ons for Corsica and Italy 1941
Sardinia, Scotland, Norway, Crete or the Eastern Front
Let us know, we would like to post them here!

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