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                                                                                                 Alaska Scenery for CFS2, A New Way to Fly

                                                                                                        Bush Flying Alaska Scenery and missions

                                                           An assortment of Helo, Land and water locations are here and more are in the works

                                                                                 It's like mixing Fs2004 with CFS2 but you get to shoot things
                                                                                                               Elevated mesh Terrain of Alaska
                                                                                                           Including a different kind of missions

                                                                                                              See some screen shots below         


My project starts here and will expand:
( click images at right to enlarge )

Scenery Designers are more than welcome
to submit additional sceneries, macros or
missions to this project.

Please see below for any required or suggested
downloads that will make this scenery happen.

My completed flattens are in yellow and have added a few shorelines with more coming soon.

Map updated 01-25-14

If you would like to Participate: please send me your add-ons, I will post them below.
Please note that as of 12-30-13 I no longer accept add on files for review from Gmail accounts unless I know who you are. period.

Because of a Computer crash I have combined all updates as of 12-30-13 into the 5
Alaska scenery downloads along with updating the required files section.
Please download the 7 required files and the 5 scenery files. they are ready to
be placed in your scenerydb folders as named: see set up info. really only takes a few minutes

  Suggested Alaska Texture Files
      New Textures Replaces 022,025,027 original textures...see readme ****
Not required but makes a huge difference.
  Required Alaska Scenery Files see some pics at bottom of page
  **You must add the Fractional minutes line to your CFS2.cfg file**
        Set up info Contains an initial scenery and flatten map that have been completed to date.
Along with a suggested scenery db setup and notes. Read first : please updated 12-30-13
     Minutes Setup
Simple instructions on setting up the required line in your CFS2.cfg file
Fractional minutes required to land on the hello pads.a simple line added to your CFS2.cfg file,
can turn on and off...sample pic included.  
    Main Tex Folder These 7 textures must be added to your Main CFS2 texture folder, not to Scenerydb
Simple copy and paste, insructions and example.jpg included Added 12-30-13
      Alaska Flatten These Flatten Text are required and must be added to your scenery.cfg file.
I have now moved to flatten .bgl files so these should be the only ones that
need to be copy and pasted by hand into the scenery cfg file.
     Alaska Water Water, streams and lakes files By Richard Ludowise Added 12-30-13
Scenery will not work will not without it, my ships are in pasture land. ****
     Alaska Mesh  LOD 7 mesh files By Richard Ludowise
    Alaska Terrain SRMT and .bgl flattens by No Dice ( keeps the water where it belongs)
All future updates will be released seperately (see updates below)
    Alaska Scenery Various scenery locations, Land, Float and Helo strips, landable oil rigs and more.
This is a complete release as of 12-30-13, these folders can be unzipped and dropped
into your scenerydb file, they all named as such.
All future updates will be released seperately (see Alaska scenery updates below)
       download each
  Alaska    Alaska1   Alaska2   Alaska3    AlaskaShips
  You will now have the startup scenery and required files, please note the suggested New Textures above.
  Alaska scenery Updates See pics below
     Future updates will appear below:
After a computer meltdown on 12-25-13, I have included all updates prior to 12-30-13
in the above Alaska downloads. Sorry but it was required.
     KARENS KAMP features land and float airstrips, cabins, boat rentals, aircraft service and more
also adds trees around the Fire Watch Tower, and additional flatten bgls to the area along with
a few new Tree types and ruway textures. Thanks Tom Sanford for the Schooner FSC file.
Click on image to download.   released  1 25 14
     General Update Package 1
Adds more flatten .bgls, updated textures and an overall water dem4km.bgl
Simple install, please read the instructions for the dem4km.bgl
Click on image to download.   released  2 25 14
      Terrain Update Terrain Flatten .bgl updates 22514 released 2-26-14
  Bush Aircraft and Helicopters
     We presently offer a small assortment of bush planes and helicopters
and will be adding more in the coming weeks. Please feel free to send
your entries or suggestions. See CFS2 aircraft 4 page or click image.
True Float Plane modifications are much appreciated, dea14u@aol.com
  Alaska API and SCM macros for scenery designers

Alaska Cabins
3 cabins in api format,1 and 2 story ,includes textures and FSC files for FSDS users.
by No Dice...make all the changes you require.

Download ***

  You are more than welcome to submit your scenery, aircraft , macros or more
email your files or suggestions to me, Dave at  dea14u@aol.com I will be more
than happy to post them in our updates section.




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