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 Welcome to the tutorials section for CFS1, CFS2 and FS2004                                    
Win7 Fix Fix for getting CFS1 and joystick to work in Windows 7 ****
Ultimate fix
Ultimate fix for Running CFS1 in Vista, Win7 or Win 8, Win 10 easy install ****
By Hubbabubba with help from friends.
Create Exploding
Using gMax or FSDS tutorial and 4 programs included for CFS2
by: Allen Downey ****
CFS Edit by Nuno Mendes on how to use the built in scenery editor in CFS1. Add,
Move or create your own sceneries with whats already built in. ****
CFS2GSE By Lindsay Watts on how to use the Global Scenery Editor in CFS2. Add,
Move or create your own sceneries with whats already built in. ****
CFS Code A list and discription of changes to the CFS.config file that can be
made to enhance many aspects of the default sim settings. CFS1 only ****
DP Edit by WW Cline is a must have for anyone interested in damage profiles
and those mysterious Microsoft codes. ****
Moving Stick by William Dubiak and updated by me contains everything you need to
add a moving stick to your panels. ***
Creating AI by Doug Attrell, easy to follow PDF tutorial, create CFS1 AI drones****
Add-A1 by microsoft, add non-original CFS-1 aircraft as A1 to the sim. ***
Paint Rivets Good Tutorial on painting rivets and lines; in pdf format by Hugh Shoults.
What Duplicate CFS1 aircraft without interfering with the original allowing for
duplicate versions by Jerry Beckwith ***
by microsoft, Includes diver down mission, a must have for the full
understanding of creating and changing CFS1missions and more ****
by microsoft, Includes opposing missions, expands on the above by
creating bombing and flak in CFS1****
by Michael Brookshire : step by step HTML style tutorial on using
Cor Diklands Mission Creation Editor for CFS1 ****
Cody Coyote's Mission Building Handbook for CFS2 in PDF format
by Jim Borowski ( this is a must have) ****
CFS1 to CFS2 mission conversion guide intended to be used along
with Cody Coyate's hand book above: by Rami ****
BombSite by Scott Flugum, add a Norton bomb site to your panel ***
Damage Files by microsoft, create and edit damage profiles the correct way ***
Panel Backs The basics of using paint shop pro to create Panels, for beginners **
CFs to CFS2 Adding CFS1 scenery to CFS2 by Justin Haupt **
Quick Tips by Martin Wright, tips on using Airport for windows***  
Using FSDS 6 seperate tutorials on using FSDS to Create Planes by Dave Eckert ***
GmaxP38 How to build a P-38 in Gmax , by Discreet ***
FSDScesn How to Build a Cessna 185 in FSDS by Ron Anderson ***
FSDS_hull How to build a ship hull in FSDS2 by Phil Crowther ***
Gmax190 How to Build an FW190 in Gmax. by Darren Brooker ***
AD2000 Using AD2000 aircraft designer by A.C.T. publishing ***
ADChain Editing chain files in AD2000 by AFAlpha **


Using Abacus Airport and Scenery Designer in Fs2002 and CFS2
by Steve McClelland ***
Payloads ** Building custom payloads for CFS2 by Martin Wright and Simon Porter ***
Loadouts ** Building custom loadouts for CFS2 by Martin Wright and Daisuke Iga ***
**FILES MdldisAS and MDLpatchw files required for payloads and loadouts above
Add Tailhook Simple instructions for adding a tail hook to your CFS 2 planes
2002 to CFS2 Converting FS2002 AC for use in CFS2 by Sergio Dolcemascolo ***
 AC Convert
2004 to CFS2
Smoke Efx Adding Smoke effects to Objects in FS2004: By David Marshall **
   mptut01 CFS1-2 mini tutorial on how to modify the scasm code of plane .mdl files
to have add-on plane animations to work properly. By Corrado La Posta ****
  Scasmtut CFS2 Tutorial on how to modify the plane .Mdl to have full AI plane animations,
crashing and native CFS2 keys. By Corrado La Posta ****
 Scasm Coll A collection of 6 scasm tutorials, animation and more by Corrado La Posta
  Scasm By
A tutorial on using scasm to enhance everything you have ever made with
commercial software...and making it work . By R.Triebel and A. Klisch ***
    Mesh Using FSRail to create micro-mesh in Fs2000 and CFS2***
   AirEd Editing air files using AirEd, By Rabbijah Guder***
  ExBuilder Illustrated Tutorial on Using Exbuilder to remove objects from Scenery
By David Opa Marshall ****
for beginners
Using Ground2K or Ground2K4 for beginners ***
    Gmax by Microsoft, Gmax scenery tutorial ***
How to add a catapult launch to CFS2 By Tango ****
all required files included
  CFS1 Fun New ways to have fun with CFS1 by Guy Gauvreau ****
  CFS2 Snow Let it snow in CFS2, Thanks to Tango ****
  Maps2BGL Translation, Using Maps2BGL by Gunner Dahling for fs2004, By J. Fletcher ***
  more here see more design tutorials in the FS Design section ****
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