"Don't run out of airspeed'
ideas, and altitude all at the
same time"

unknown author



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Sardinia ,Sicily released
North Tunisia 1941 released

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                            Corsica and Italy 1941 for CFS1, 10 years in the making and still going

                                                       After Many Years in the Making
 1941CFS1 Phase 1, 2, 3 and 4 (released
) see below for more info
    Elevated mesh Terrain of Corsica, Italy, Elba, Sardinia, Sicily, Pantelleria, Malta, North Tunisia
                                                      Including all the islands in between

        See some screen shots here           ****Download page****            Missions Here


            Malta with Hal Far Airfield
Included in the above Sicily release
"Just did not fit on the map"

      Corsica and Italy1941
  Missions and Adventures

See the Mission Section!
       Balearic Islands, one day pending requests
         Southeastern France, if anyone is interested
  Please let me know if you are interested in any further additions to this project , the downloads have slowed   
  to about 20 a month and I am not sure if the project has completed its flightsim course. Dave aka No Dice   
Although I am very proud to say we have had over 11,000 downloads to date
 See My CFS2 Projects Page Here                                       


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