"Don't run out of airspeed'
ideas, and altitude all at the
same time"

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                                                                                                            The Vietnam Air war for CFS2
                                                                                                                    Screen Shots Section

                                                                                                 75m  Elevated mesh Terrain of Southeast Asia
                                                                                     With over 30 missions and 3 Campaigns
, more coming                                                                                              
                                                                                  An actual historical representation of Airfields, Lz's and more

                                                                       Fly all the great Aircraft and Helicopters of the era in free flight or missions
                                                                                                Vietnam, Thailand , Cambodia, Laos and more
                                                                     Based on Al Simms Original Scenery for Fs2002 and is expanding from there.
                                                                     presently featuring 68 helo LZ's and 24 landing strips with many more to come

                                                                           The Required Initial Downloads for this project can be found here
                                                                 See the add on scenery page here great for Free Flight and Mission Writers
                                                                                   See some screen shots in the screen shot section
                                                       Add on Scenery that is not required but expands the project for future missions or FreeFlight 
                                                         We have 2 pages of Aircraft and Helicopters of the Era Aircraft page 7 and Aircraft page 8

                                                              We welcome any scnery designers and mission writers willing to help with the project
                                                                                                              See some screen shots below

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