"Don't run out of airspeed'
ideas, and altitude all at the
same time"

unknown author



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On Line Squadrons


    "to those we have lost"



            Welcome to our CFS2 scenery section, featuring the great work of the best authors.                                        

Vietnam For CFS2 released
with additions and more updated daily. Over 62 helo
LZ's and 16 landing strips, a Carrier task force, PTF
base, DaNang harbor and much more coming 
any scnery designers or mission writers are welcomed
with 30 missions and 3 campaigns
Vietnam, Thailand , Cambodia, Laos and more

See the download page with screen shots here ****

Alaska Bush Elevated Mesh terrain and scenery
Phase 1 starter package By: No Dice and others

LOD7 mesh, flattens and start up scenery including
Land , Float and Helo AFD menu locations

See the download page with screen shots here ****

Hawaiian Islands Chain and Ships
Elevated Mesh Terrain By: Martin Wright

Includes all of the larger and smaller Islands
Adds 4 airfields and 2 Carriers to your ADF list
Hawaii, Maui, Kauai, Oahu, Uss Essex and USS Enterprise

Includes your choice of auto or manual installation

Made using his great FSTerrain program and 3 arc second DEMs
available on his site. see MWGraphics in the link section

More than worth downloading

Download ****

Download**** add the Hiryu and Junyo to this scenery

Japan High Res Mesh Scenery
LOD 09 covering all of Japan
By Yosi
Warning, Huge 4 part download 305 megs
But more than worth the time and effort.
Also for Fs2002 and Fs2004

Link to Download ****

World Mesh LOD5
Elevated mesh of the entire earth
By Richard Ludowise
simply click the area of interest
Areas in red are not available

Install C://Scenery/Mesh/scenery
                                            / texture (this folder empty)

Link To Download****

LWM Water masks for CFS2 , Major rivers and lakes
By the great Richard Ludowise
download USA and Alaska
download Central Canada
download Eastern Canada, Greenland
download South, Central America, Caribbean, Eastern Pacific Isles
download Iceland, Scandinavia, W.Russia, Europe and N.Africa
download E.Russia, North Asia and China
download Hawaii, Japan, Australia, W.Pacific Isles, SE Asia

British Castles and Cathedrals
by William Renwick
Often used by the axis as landmarks
Really nice and even fun for "lazy Flying"
Doc included for coordinates

Download ****

London Landmark Buildings
by Sander de Cocq and Stefano Denti
Intended to enhance the Simonu Thames Extension
Straight forward easy install
includes 3 GSL files
See Thames extension below

Download ***

Thames River Extension
by Simonu
an extension of Sanders EURW
roads, lakes, rivers and rails
extends the river thru London
allowing for the above scenery

Download ***

Europe Roads, Rivers and Rails
by Sander De Cocq
4 packages of shorelines, landclass & enhancements
All of Western Europe to the Polish border,
around Spain and Portugal through the Mediterranean
and Italy. Much of the central and southern Norwegian
coastline bordering the Atlantic as well as Denmark is
also included.

Link to Download ****

GZR Norderney-Sylt air and water Base
includes the required GZR2002 textures
Features 2 Airfields and Seaplane bases
This was the first German territory to be
bombed during WWII
A Great representation more than worth the download

Download ***

GZR Wharf1_Amendola Italy
By Richard Charlebois
Features a Seaplane base and Grass landing strip
Dual menu entry
Night time lit refueling

Download ***

Marine Life
By Bruno Escaravage
add animated dolphins and killer whales
to your scenery thru the mission builder.

Download ****

The Mask Rider Scenery Website
His work in the PTO is out standing,
and I considered them to be works of Art
Click Image to link to his site

Find more CFS2 Scenery here

         Support Forums CFS2 support forums: hosted by the SOH Forums

More Great Scenery by Cees Donker in our CD Scenery Collection


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