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  What makes CFS1, CFS2 and FS9 so great is how much you can add to them under the open format !
  This is the FS2004 Utility page   Find the CFS1 Utility page here     Find the CFS2 Utility page here 
         Utilities FS9 ie:FS2004 "A Century of Flight"
        FS9update By Microsoft: fixes more stuff than room to mention ****
      Track IR Fix Language dll allows Track IR5 to work with GW3 and SW3****
       Bug Fix By Paul Opizzato: Fixes the can not load gauge problem on some AC****
        F1 View By Flight1 Software allows you to move view points around your plane ***
       Arrcab26 By Richard Hogen: add catapult and arrestor cables to your carriers
requires FSUIPC below ***
        FSUIPC By Peter Dowson: an interfacing module for FS9 used for controling advanced
weather, Ai traffic and interfacing outside programs ***
        04scene By Roger Mole: easy to use scenery object placement tool ***
(see visual index below)
      Visual Index By Kevin Ryan, a visual index of FS9 scenery objects for use with above***
     MBC_objLbry By MBC Studios, additional object library for above ***
      Runway 12 Object Placer by Seev Kahan ****
see below for required files
     MSXML4.mis By Microsoft; required for R12 (above)


By Microsoft ,link to Download ;required for Rwy12(above)
    TreePlanter.v4 By George Davison, add single or multiple trees easy and fast to Fs2004 ***
see below for required files , also see FSUIPC above
     GianP Trees By Gian P, both required files for treeplanter (above)
      Tree.v3 By Gerrish Gray, required files for treeplanter (above)
      Sam1112 By Don Grouestine, converts Flyable FS8 and FS9 aircraft into
Airport AI (Static Aircraft)eye candy. ***
     Easyinstaller by Stuart Baker, Installs Textures, scenery, aircraft , effects and more ***
   Excbuilder V.2 complete package, remove stock buildings, trees ect. ****
By Paavo Pihelgas .. simple easy to use program
Includes required FS Connect .dll by Russel Dirks
Includes Msstdfmf.dll error fix
Requires BGLcomp by microsoft here
   Cell Grid for 2004; Richard Ludowise ****
An absolute must have for FS2004 design programs
Includes Cell Grid, TDF CALC 2004, TMF Viewer Calc
Along with some easy install tips by David Mulcahy
     10min_smoke By Slider388, become a Skywriter with a 10 minute smoke trail ***
     Water Dump By Slider388, Fire Fighter Water dump for planes or helos ***
Adding Smoke FX Adding Smoke effects to Objects in FS2004: By David Marshall **
   VC Rain Effect Enhanced rain effect while flying: By Gerrit Kranenbarg **
  Weather Engine Generate Additional Weather themes: By Gunnar Daehling (not tested yet)
   Bluer_Water3 Bluer Water replacement textures: by Christian Alden ***
     Crash Damage Enables the crash damage in your FS9 A/C by Grant Bovee **
      AWCV1 Add passenger and Cargo weight to your A/C by Mark Hofman ***
    Cargo Drop Make a Cargo drop via Parachute by Rynaldo Stoltz ***
    B17 Bombs Bomb drop for a B17 or any other plane by Nasty ***
   S42-43 Flights 1935 Miami to Rio de Janiero, actual route, by Bruce Kennewell ***
  more coming soon
    Support Forums FS 2004 community support forums: hosted by the SOH
Find the CFS1 Utility page here        Find the CFS2 Utility page here
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