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Description: This texture was created for the "David Carroll FSX Beechcraft D18S/SNB" native version of Milton Shupe's Beech D-18.

Important: You will need the David Carroll FSX Beechcraft D18S/SNB to use this file.
The file is available here:

David Carrol's conversion is a full FSX Acceleration SDK compliant version of the Beechcraft D18S originally produced by Milton Shupe and Scott Thomas and is provided with their permission.

This revision includes these improvements: Added weathering on de-icing boots and anti glare panels, full length anti-glare panels on nacelle, blacked out ADF, emergency exit red border and corrected author credits.

The texture file contains the aircraft skin, bump maps and specular files to create a highly detailed, natural looking aluminum skin. The bump maps and specular files may also be transfered to the default texture file if you are using multiple skins for this aircraft. (code included)

To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit Beech D-18 Army FSX Native_rev1.zip
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