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    Queen Elizabeth Class Carrier

    Continuing with the Future RN theme, I've been finishing up the finer details on my CVF model:

    (large version here)

    My intent is to release a double pack with Queen Elizabeth configured for STOVL ops and Prince of Wales fitted for Cat and Trap (in the hope that one day EMALS becomes cheap and we actually do want interoperability with the French and/or the US rather than owning the worlds largest helo carriers).

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    Looking good Woof...or as good as a ship like that can look. Not that Carriers are by definition an attractive type of ship, but that dual island layout isnt gonna win any beauty contests!

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    The actual design is a revamped 'Malta' class dating back to WW2, just add a bent nose and some missiles instead of 4.5's and yer have it. I expect the crew quarters haven't been touched and the canteen will now serve cola and ice-cream.

    regards Collin:ernae:

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    Another shot, with Prince of Wales in the background, just need to fix the deck textures on POW to reflect an angled deck rather than VTOL layout then I'm done.

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    Thats quite an impressive set of AA guns you have installed on those carriers! Nothing quite like having your plane kept airborne by only the shockwaves of proximity shells!!

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