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    Lightbulb FSX @ War, TAC Pack add on

    :salute:All, just found while cruising through the VRS forums. It's designed from the outset to compliment the VRS Tac Pack. I wanted to post it for your situational awareness for those interested. Here is a copy of the first posting and links to some videos. I think they've done a pretty good job thus far and will definitely compliment VRS quite well.


    "Hi All,

    Please find hereafter the first technical demonstration movies of FSX@War freeware project. FSX@War will implement war theaters full of SimObject destroyable by the fortcoming TacPack weapons together with an Air Tasking Order (ATO), Order Of Battle (OOB) and Naval Tasking Order (NTO).

    Overview of what is actually in development :
    <!-- m -->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uq998lWoGN0<!-- m -->

    Naval operation with a multiplayer fully synchrionised moving carrier :
    <!-- m -->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YF4hpjxXUmI<!-- m -->

    Target destruction in FSX@War :
    <!-- m -->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogmNRVY_zH0<!-- m -->

    FSX@War will require VRS TacPack addon to work properly. FSX@War content will also depend on VRS TacPack SDK and support by VRS team if any...

    Thanks for watching.


    Cougar FFW04

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    Ah, in fact I was about to create a topic to present this addon. You were too fast for me

    Here is my summary, just to get a bit more information about this project, which had now officially started the developpment phase.

    As you probably already know, there's currently a revolution on-going in the FSX world, due to the imminent release of the famous TacPAck addon that VRS is currently finalizing. This addon will bring, amounf other things, the possibility to use weapons with military aircrafts in FSX, aircrafts that will not be limited to screenshooting purposes anymore.

    Until now, FSX was limited to civil flights. Even though several military aircrafts were available, it was just impossible to fully use their avionics or weapon systems. When we wanted to "play with explosives", we had to go for other specialized simulators like LockOn, IL-2, Falcon4 etc... Simulators that sure are very realistic, but in which the flight itself was more or less uninteresting because of the limited and graphically poor flying environment. As a consequence, a lot of virtual military pilots started to come "wasting their time" in FSX, just for the pleasure of being able to fly anywhere on Earth, anytime, and with any weather conditions. Those pilots use to dream about a possible fusion between Falcon4 and FSX, to obtain a virtually unlimited and potentially magnificent combat environment, a dream that was really just a dream...

    .... until now. A new addon, in the direct TacPack line, is being developped as we speak: FSX@War !

    The goal is simple: since TacPack will allow to simulate weapons, we will need to simulate a war theatre to use them. FSX@War will try to bring all the functionalities needed to create such an interactive environment, all in the multiplayer scope. The list is quite long in fact, and the project is just at the beginning. However, tests started several months ago, and the proof of concept has already been done by the main author: Cougar from the french CheckSix forums. You'll find more informations about the project itself and those tests directly there:
    (this link goes through the automatic webpage translation to English by Google )

    The first developments were focused on:
    - the possibility to destroy targets on ground
    - the multiplayer synchronization of the events/effects
    - the multiplayer synchronization of the various vehicules (planes, boats etc...)
    - the multiplayer synchronization of the carrier operations, with a perfectly stable aircraft carrier for all players
    - the creation of squadrons and AI flights around military bases, for planes AND helicopters
    - the creation of groups of AI ground vehicules that are able to move and engage other AI ground vehicules
    - and that's just the beginning

    Of course, at the start the project would be centered around the VRS F-18 Super Hornet, since it's likely to be the most TacPack compatible plane when TacPack gets released. But in fact, it will all depend on the possiblities offered by TacPack concerning the "waeponization" of other aircrafts. In the meanwhile, you can take a look at the videos posted above, to get an initial idea. I should be able to keep this topic up to date with the latest informations depending what I see on the french forums. Enjoy

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    This will definitely open up a whole new world for military VA's. I'm not terribly interested in combat in FSX, but this definitely got my attention!

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    The Iris A-10 being able to actually use it's weapons is something I'm looking forward to.

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    I still have to wonder why it never occurred to the Microsoft uber-geeks that an optional air combat patch for FS9 and/or FSX would have been really awesome. Considering they created the original CFS1 years ago, would it have been so difficult? OK, I'm done, all you MS insiders may now post your rebuttals. :

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    I think that those uber-geeks where already busy enough creating a platform as well as an API that would allow such developpments

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    Quote Originally Posted by TARPSBird View Post
    I still have to wonder why it never occurred to the Microsoft uber-geeks that an optional air combat patch for FS9 and/or FSX would have been really awesome. Considering they created the original CFS1 years ago, would it have been so difficult? OK, I'm done, all you MS insiders may now post your rebuttals. :
    That might have been a decision by the management, not the programmers.
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