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    Question QC Altitude

    This has probably been asked a hundred times but can you change the starting altitude of Quick Combat?

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    Sometimes things get slow here at the CFS2 forum so I didn't want to let your question go unanswered. Unfortunately the 5,000ft start altitude for QC is hard-wired into the game. Missions are a different story, if you want to intercept a flight of G4M1's at 20,000ft you can set your mission up to allow for that.

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    Hello _486_Col_Wolf and TARPSBird, it is true that mission builder is a much more flexible way to create custom quick combat like missions. But CFS2 does use a mission file for quick combat.
    The file is called qc.mis it is in the main CFS2 folder it gets overwritten every time you click
    "fly now" at the quick combat set up screen.
    However when you exit the quick combat to the debriefing screen you can click Fly Again and the mission is reloaded in its current state. So you can edit it by hand with wordpad to tweak such things waypoint speed and altitude. It only contains data for the player flight, but enemys are spawned at a similar altitude.
    So here's the instructions
    Set up the quick combat in the usual way,
    Click fly now, fly the combat or exit to the debrief screen. minimise CFS2 and open an explorer window, navigate to your CFS2 install and open QC.mis with word pad.
    You can easily adjust the altitude that the combat starts at

    waypoint.0=1,0,N053* 15' 12.6635",W004* 32' 44.1197",+5000,,,,162,,0,0,1  
    waypoint.1=4096,0,N052* 40' 06.6712",W003* 24' 08.8002",+5000,,,,162,,0,0,1
    Change +5000 to +25000
    Save the change and bring up CFS2, Remember click "fly again" at the debrief screen not OK, else your change will be over written.

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    Thanks for the quick reply guys. I had changed the altitude in QC.mis but was unaware that it rewrote itself every time you hit "fly now". At least I can do it with little effort when I want to.


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    Thanks simonu, I did not know that. Always good to end the day a little smarter than when you woke up!

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