Fiat G.50 bis released by Captain Kurt!
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Thread: Fiat G.50 bis released by Captain Kurt!

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    Icon22 Fiat G.50 bis released by Captain Kurt!

    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category CFS 2 Aircraft - Italian

    Description: Unit: 352 Squadriglia, 20 Gruppo at Pantelleria 1941 - later transferred to Libya

    The FIAT G.50 Freccia (Freccia means Arrow in English) was first flown in February 1937. The G.50 was Italy's first single-seat, all-metal monoplane with an enclosed cockpit and retractable landing gear to go into production. Pilots disliked the sliding cockpit canopy, which was not easy to open quickly. So, in later production series, an open cockpit was adopted.

    The first operative aircraft were delivered to the Regia Aeronautica in 1938. Very maneuverable, it was one of the best fighters during the Spanish Civil War. But by the time World War II began it was becoming obsolescent, being too slow because it was underpowered and underarmed with only two Breda-SAFAT 12,7mm machine guns.

    The G.50 bis version was developed in 1940, but the changes were mostly to improve ease of maintenance and performance was unchanged.

    It was employed in all the Regia Aeronautica area operations in the Mediterranean and North Africa for fighter defense, convoy escort and bomber escort missions. In the Greek campaign, it performed adequately against opposing obsolescent types like the Gladiator and Blenheim. After that it was clear it was not a match for more modern Allied aircraft and was eventually used more for ground attack.

    About 780 were built, 35 of which were exported to Finland where they served with success against the Russians. Ten Fiat G.50's were also transferred to the Croatian Air Force.


    Captain Kurt: Aircraft model, VC, paint textures, aircraft flight files, and .dp
    Kelticheart: Prop blurred texture
    Gauges, as far as I know, credit goes to kelticheart, mvg3d, Chalachew, Beepee, and Gius for their WWII Italian gauges.
    The panel, much modified, is based on an IL-2 panel.

    To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit Fiat G.50 bis
    The comments you make there will appear in the posts below.

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    Thank you for this nice plane Captain Damn, good thing that it is an open cockpit, with the canopy it would be enough to become claustrophobic. Also the fuselage is quite big, maybe for a/the fuel tank? Thank you again for your work Captain

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    Fiat G.50 bis

    Captain Kurt,

    Thanks again for another excellent model .
    I think that's Number 51.!!!
    Good grief!!
    Thanks again for a wonderful model .


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    Thanks very much Kurt. Nice to see another "old model" gap filled in by something much, much nicer

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    Good onya Kurt and thanks very much for this lovely model!

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    Thank you Captain Kurt. Just took it for a test flight; a joy to fly. Looks beautiful, thank you for this gem.


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    Thanks for making another Italian aircraft.

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    Thank you Capt Kurt for this nice italian plane

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    With the Re.2001 Falco II reaching it's engine maintenance time, I turned it over to the grease monkeys installed the G.50bis and headed for Guidonia!! Thanks for another Italian aircraft!

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    Thank you for this new model.

    I have been searching for a Finland livery for any of the Fiat G.50 models but without success. Perhaps someone could make one for this new model.

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    Thank you for this lovely model CK! I was hoping you would do this one and I intend to do some repaints for this model. Hopefully they will do justice to this lovely model. But some patience is needed as I'm currently quite busy in real life.

    @Rohan Morton did some Finnish repaints for the model by Corrado la Posta's G.50 (See below)

    Just search for the file


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    Icon22 Reply....


    Many thanks for another wonderful aircraft, it is appreciated!


    Huub Vink beat me to posting a pic and link to the older model with the Finnish skin.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Finnish G-50 Freecia.jpg  

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    Thanks for the update - file downloaded and saved,

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    Kurt, thank you very much for another great airplane!

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    Hi Guys,

    The Finnish versions were an earlier model and in some cases a mishmash with some parts from the earliest full canopy models (which I am still modeling for Huub). Slightly different cowl, rudder, spinner etc. If there is some interest in the Finland versions I can put one together. It would be a specific model as there wasn't a lot of homogeneity among the 35 that went to Finland, especially after maintenance rebuilds were done.

    Captain Kurt
    "Fly, you fools!" Gandalf the Gray

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    It was Ramiís Finland campaigns that got me involved in CFS2, so I would definitely love to have a Finland version if you could do that, please. Would I be right in thinking that it would be a G.50 rather than a G.50 bis from your comments ?

    Thanks for your offer, Captain.

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    Great improvement over previous models! Thank you!!!

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    Fiat G.50 bis released by Captain Kurt!

    Thank You Captain Kurt, The G.50s are great and a lot of fun. On a side note, I tend to download aircraft, and if they are for CFS2 make the small config changes to fly them in FS9. Then I forget to go back and thank you (all) guys who still do this for us. I really appreciate you.

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    Hi Captain Kurt
    Thanks for this great upgrade.
    Looking Good
    Thanks for the Finnish model as well.

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