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Thread: Hungaroring.

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    Ferrari snatches defeat from the jaws of victory AGAIN!
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    Great way of looking at it.

    Max even had the time to stop for a donut.....
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    Hey All,

    Incredible that Ferrari could mess this up so badly...

    My opinionated thoughts...

    1) Binotto should not be the team principal. He is an engineer an I think a really good one - have him do what he is good at - managing the car NOT the team. If you notice he is all about models simulations the data always the data. Nothing wrong with that but a team principal has to balance all the inputs not just rely on one to the exclusion of others. Ferrari needs a team principal that recognizes when conditions are outside the range of their data an make decisions more heavily based on other criteria like maybe their believing their own they thought lying eyes.

    2) Find a competent strategist like Mercedes and RB have if you don't have one. I don't know the extent to which Binotto overrules the strategists but my gawd. Is there anything to the rumour that the lead strategist is sabotaging LeClerc to favour Sainz? I tend to doubt it but who knows.

    3) Listen to the drivers and the drivers have to not be as meek as LeClerc.

    4) Does team Ferrari run scenarios between races that could happen? If not that is incompetent.

    What say you?

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    Ferrari every race weekend:

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    It wasn't not Ferrari's fault. The other team just did it a bit better


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    Ferrari must have been racing a Ford GT40!

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