VS-2B "High Hatters"; USS Saratoga (CV-3); 1936
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Thread: VS-2B "High Hatters"; USS Saratoga (CV-3); 1936

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    VS-2B "High Hatters"; USS Saratoga (CV-3); 1936

    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category FS 2004 Add-Ons

    Description: Platinum Wings VB-2B "HIGH HATTERS"

    Thank you for downloading this next installment in the Platinum Wings series of modifications for FS2004.

    This package is supposed to represent Bombing Two aboard the USS Saratoga (CV-3) during their deployment in the spring of 1936 for Fleet Problem XVII off the Pacific coast of Panama.

    These textures are for the wonderful Eduardo Fadul F11C "Goshawk" available at major websites.

    As with other packages, the aircraft configuration file herein is dependent on a copy of a default air file; in this case the Lockheed Vega air file.

    Installation instructions included.

    Miami, FL

    To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit VS-2B "High Hatters"; USS Saratoga (CV-3); 1936
    The comments you make there will appear in the posts below.

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    Just to make sure people don't have an issue with the uploads since I dind't mention it in the readme files. I wasn't sure I would need to.

    If you start out cold and dark (or if you shut down the engine and want to start it again later) with ANY of the uploads I've done over the past week or so, PLEASE make sure you crack open the throttle some when you try and start the engine or it won't catch. Just like a real airplane, you have to let the RPM's settle down a little first, THEN place the throttle at full idle again.

    Sorry for not putting that in the readme files, but since I'm always cracking the throttle a little to start all my aircraft anyway, I didn't think to mention it.

    Also, one of the aircraft (can't remember if it's a released pack or one of the ones I'm still working on) has a slow starter/crank on purpose. If you don't like that, just change the starter torque in the cfg file to 0.3 and you're fine.

    I have it set for 0.03 on some airplanes to simulate the slower cranking of some engines. The down side is that you need to hold down the starter a little longer until the engine catches, then let the starter go.

    I have old Saitek/Logitech panels, but if I use the keyboard for testing I do the M1++++ combination to start, therefore hold down the "+" key until the engine catches. For engine 2 it's M2++++, etc.

    Again, sorry for not putting it in the readme. Hopefully people have figured out the "glitch" already, but thought I should bring it up just in case.

    Miami, FL

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    These skins for the Gold Wings navy are just wonderful Jorge and VERY much appreciated! A big thank you!

    Do not fear the enemy, for they can take only your life. Fear the media far more, for they will destroy your honour.

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    Very nice Jorge! Thanks. And I don't think it is the task of a repainter to tell people how to fly their aircraft. So don't worry about not adding the the way to start the aircraft in your readme.


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    Another great skin set!

    Iíve long wished I had the time to redo the skins I painted on those old models so long ago, before I had the skill, references and dedication to detail that I have gained in the intervening years; decades for some of them. Now I donít have to!

    Keep up the great work!

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