IndiaFoxtEcho USS Tripoli and USS America released.
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Thread: IndiaFoxtEcho USS Tripoli and USS America released.

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    IndiaFoxtEcho USS Tripoli and USS America released.

    I know Zsolt linked to it in the F-35 thread, but I thought many would miss it there. Here's Dino's post from FB
    We have just released the America-class package of MSFS to our usual vendors (SimMarket, Flightsim and Orbx *). This is a simple package that contains highly detailed static 3D models for USS America and USS Tripoli. These were mainly thought for STOVL operations with the F-35B, but we decided to release them separately both to keep the price of the F-35 low and to allow a more flexible update of the products. The carriers are just landable object and cannot be used as spawn points, but they have a landmark point associated so that they can be used as waypoints or destinations. We have also been working on Ford-class supercarriers, which we hope to release soon. * - Our products will be soon available also on JusfFlight. As for the Microsoft Marketplace release, we are still waiting for Microsoft feedback on the F-35 package.
    Note: If you buy them at Orbx, like I did, I had to go to "Partners," and then scroll down to LHA(R) to find them. They were $6.12 usd.

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    That same link here so that visitors don't have to go searching...
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    These are static models
    I met one near Hawaii
    I don't know the other points  2824

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