CH Products Fighterstick USB for sale!
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Thread: CH Products Fighterstick USB for sale!

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    CH Products Fighterstick USB for sale!

    Greetings! I have moved on to a different flight stick and do not need my CH Products Fighterstick. It uses an USB connection and has great durability - that was the reason I purchased it! It is designed for right handed users and would work best in combat sims. CH Control Manager v4.55 is included but may not be compatible with Windows 10. The stick works very well regardless of the software. Please see my eBay listing and feel free to make me an offer for a lower price. I am selling this from Massachusetts, USA.

    Thank You,

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    I bought a lightly used one on Ebay a few months ago (for $20 more) and love it. The Control Manager works just fine for me in Windows 10.

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    Cheers Ratty. It's a great stick but I wanted a left handed one. Functionality of the software was limited for me in Windows 10 so I don't want to make any guarantees. I'm glad the stick you found is working great for you!

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    The Fighterstick has been sold. Thank you!

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