Turbo Terror, AKA. Beer cans.
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Thread: Turbo Terror, AKA. Beer cans.

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    Turbo Terror, AKA. Beer cans.

    Hi everyone,

    Gosh, R/L got in the way of during flying things.

    Here are the flights already completed. WSAP to WIOO, WIOO to WBGB, and WBGB to WRKW. During most and if not all we were in the meddle of the local Monsoon season. In essence's, We flew thru lots and lots of rain, and doing our famous Rock and Roll with the local weather. Now something about the title of this mission. Japan it seem doesn't have enough Aluminum in order to make beer cans for all the local beer that they have brewed. So, the Famous Flight 19 is hauling tons of scrape Aluminum to Japan. To me something sound fishy about these shipments. Shucks, they could carry tons more by going by ships me think. Just maybe a little thing that needed to be sneaked into Japan. Oh Well, hehe, I could be wrong which isn't to unusual!

    Ok folks, here is our next flight. WBKW Mulu, Malaysia to RPVP Puerto Princesa, the Philippines.

    I am going to load some pictures and some will be loaded into the next section.
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    More pictures
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    Good morning folks,

    Hehe! If you go shopping with your wife to a Walmart, then you understand how I missed giving update yesterday!

    Wow! sure said nasty word yesterday about C-130, It took over one hour to find the reason why the bloody engines wouldn't start. Was about ready to cancel the daily flight. When! One of men checking her out found a fuel value that was frozen and wouldn't open. A quick change and bingo we got them started. Just thinking, and that ain't good with me. Old Dudley asked me what was going on and I told him I was thinking. Hehe, he let out a roaring laugh and pointed at me, then he turned and headed to the coffee shop still laughing. Now, this would spread all over the airport about my thinking. It sure is that we are good friends or I just might have popped in the nose, hehe.

    Again, we were being bounce around by the monsoon's winds and rain. The landings at Puarto Princesa were not to bad considering the winds at the airport, and a comment was made that we arrived with all parts were still intact. Let me tell you all, there for awhile I was really in doubt that all the parts were staying with us and the aircraft.

    Ok, the next flight: RPVP Princesa to PPLL Ninoy Aquno, Manila again in the Philippines.

    You all take care and thanks for reading these posts. I don't blame you looking for screw ups and poor spelling just a joke. hehe But do and make a lot of mistakes.

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    Hic, Howdy.

    Not much about this flight from RPVP to Manila. The monsoon's seem to have gave up for a short time, just a wee bit of the Rock and Roll thing. In fact, the weather wasn't to bad at all I landed just about the time the sun was heading down. The other two plane landed somewhat early than Dudley and I.

    At RPVP we were loaded with around another 1500 pounds of hehe, beer can materials. We are still under our indicated max. landing weight about 2000 pounds. Hehe the aluminum doesn't weigh that much, but the extra 1500 pounds sure filled up the cargo area. Jack, our load master mention any more of this stuff we will be needing a trailer in order to deliver any more. He adding that if we are selected to carry more along with the other plane we should a an old steam roller and smash this junk flat. Hehe.

    It sure seems strange having our cargo area full and being a few thousand pounds under the max takeoff weighed. Enough me think.

    Need to get the Herkie bird fueled and some minor problem corrected, and the most important part, plenty of HOT black coffee and the famous peanut butter sandwich's!

    Ok folks, here is the next flight plan: Leaving Manila RPLL to RPLI Laoag Intl, Laoag still in the Philippines. Hope to see you all there! hehe.

    You all take care and we all will kick this here virus in the butt!
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    Hello every one, and welcome to the famous Flight 19 enough list. lol.

    We flew out of RPLL Manila to RPLI Laoag Intl and we are still in the Philippines. Gee! We no more than took off and we started to have lighting up the booze, and then the weather threw in also was the wind at different speed, so again we were practicing out Rock and Roll dance, doing fairly good with no music. Hehe! Well, the coffee was good and believe or not I got most of it down, and of course, the peanut butter sandwich's stayed down also. So that tells me, I just may have a tummy problem.

    Mr. Dudley really enjoyed our stay in Manila, it seen he was involved with some friends in the invasion of the Philippines in the kicking of some bad guys butts. As with most of the VETS. of the big rumble in the 1940 rarely talk about their experience's during the war. As I was told while shopping with the wife some said thank you for your service, and folks, this thought goes out to all of the people who served in the military of the USA, and many other countries were involved. Hehe, enough! I will climb down off of the soap box now.

    We, being Dudley and I, had a little problem flying over the local mountains it seems we picked up some ice and started into a stall situation. It was kind of hairy for a few minutes, which seemed like we were fighting the problems for hours, But, finally the ice controls finally started working and the drop in altitude help and we finally got bad to our normal flight. It seemed that the auto system for the deicer warning fell asleep. hehe.

    OK, enough of the whatever. Here is the flight for tonight RPLI Laoag to RCKU Chiayi Aero, Chiayi, Taiwan.

    Still holding our own with all of the addition of more beer cans stuff, hehe, can't spell aluminum more or less to say it. hehe. Take Care All see you Sunday.

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    Hi All, not a good day!

    Well, again here we set! Raining like there isn't a tomorrow. We got order, or a suggestion to stand down until this or these storms pass, but rumor persist that a big typhoon is on it's way here. Our planes are real suspects to end up in a junk pile, sure would be hard if that happens, now who in the heck would be able to tell what parts are the planes and what part of the mess is the cargo we were carrying. Can you imagine what a mess would be around here with tons of aluminum scatter around. Sure glad it wouldn't be my job to collect all of it. Not funny, but Hehe.

    Heck, it time to go to work and try in some way to secure the planes, just how, who in the heck. If we put them into the available hanger chances are that the bloody building would collapse and destroy the aircraft. But we will do our best believe me.

    Just hopping that the worst of the storm heads out to see quick, and when the big winds calm's down we can, it the planes are OK, get the heck out of here!

    Hope to see you all later!
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    Oops, a bad day for the C-130!

    Before take off at Laoag we check the weather reports for the day. Hehe, heavy rain,(no surprise), with the kicker of a mean Thunder Storm. but there was some day light about the flight it also show maybe a clear path thru the rascal. So with happy hearts we took off.

    The C-130 was cruising along real nice even with the rain and again doing the rock and roll thing. Then the poopie hit the fan, as we were climbing to our selected altitude the ice warning said nothing, but we picked up a heavy load of ice, and everything went goofy!. We stalled, and really thought we would be going for a swim between Dudley and I finally got some control of the plane and dropped down hopping to shed some of the ice, and along with the deice unit we were in good shape. Must have blew some electrical thing because of the gauge not working. We dead headed back to Laoag, Intl., you should have seen the landing! Man, what a ride.

    Now, the question is can we get her repaired and catch up with the flight at Chiayi Aero, Chiayi, Tainan.
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    Here are a few pictures of the flights. Most, of course mostly pictures of the C-130
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    Hello everybody,

    The rumors are not true, hehe, I am still kicking. Man, really had some computer problems with my unit tried myself to try to correct them, but just kept getting worst. It has been in the repair shop for awhile got the unit back Friday and been trying to get an Idea what the heck is this Edge thing. Finally, got FSX loaded and it seem OK, but haven't tried to fly with it as yet. Anyway, hope to be back in the air sometime Soon.

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    Heard some thing on the local wire that flight 19 is exploring the possibility of returning to the air. The plans, maybe, that Flight 19 would only fly maybe two days a week, but this hasn't bee firmed at the present time. Stay Turned for any up dates we receive.


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