Tree Generation and first flight review.
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Thread: Tree Generation and first flight review.

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    Tree Generation and first flight review.

    I flew around my house in the sim and most of the trees in my neighborhood were like pine trees. There's only a couple of those in my neighborhood and one of them was blown down by the Derecho that came through last week. Most of the trees around here are deciduous. Is that something we can adjust, is it locked in based geographic data, or is it just because my graphics are set to medium it goes with one tree type to make it easier on the system?

    Also, the island in the lake by my house is missing, lol. Having said that, it was easy to navigate VFR based on the generated terrain, which was awesome. It even had my "house" in the sim.

    I may try to run it with higher graphics settings when I get home from work tonight. I'm definitely going to be building a new PC for this later in the year so I can push all of the sliders/settings up. I'm also going to have to read the post on getting all of my views set up correctly. The default camera work was a pain.

    I take it doors on the planes don't open? Also, how is there no parking brake release in the cockpit (The X-Cub)? The program wouldn't recognize my default parking brake set up so I had to change it. I've never flown a tail dragger in RL, but when I landed I have to say it kept me on my toes, figuratively and literally. I like the new flight dynamics.

    I also noticed in external view, it didn't look like the X-Cubs rudder moves and the flaps always looked like they were slightly down.

    I hope Bing maps gets updated soon, as my home airport KYGY, has changed radically since 2014, with the main runway extension for Boeing and the addition of another flight center and an ANG ramp.

    All in all, so far, I think it's kind of amazing.


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    Ken, if you have a photo or two of where you live showing the trees, you can submit those along with a screenshot or two of the same area to the MSFS Zendesk to provide them with a direct comparison of what the types of trees and tree heights should be in your region:

    The developers discussed in a Q&A last week that those kinds of comparisons are what they're looking for in order to continue to improve the types and sizes of tree species per region.

    I know that it still remains an issue with the eastern half of Wisconsin being covered in very tall conifer trees, where as the western half seems okay with deciduous trees as there should be. It is something that I reported to Zendesk with comparison photos a couple weeks ago.

    With any issues like this, as long as they get reported to Zendesk there is a good likelihood they will be adjusted/corrected in future updates. The first "World Update" of scenery improvements/additions I believe will be released already next month.

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    - With regard to the parking brakes on the XCub, there is no accessible lever in the cockpit as there isn't one in the real aircraft. To set the parking brakes in the real XCub, you have to individually press down the upper portion of each rudder pedal and while doing so turn a valve on the back of each rudder pedal, which locks the brake system/holds the pressure. Obviously this can't be done when actually sitting in the cockpit. In my case, I just have a key on my joystick programmed to the parking brake function.

    - The rudder animation for me functions perfectly, so you might have more than one controller bound to the rudder, or you were viewing the aircraft with the showcase camera.

    - The flaps on the real XCub aren't flush with the wing when fully retracted either.

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    I do have a comparison photo (See below) that I'll submit to Zendesk. Thanks for the info about the flaps, that's definitely news to me. I'll see what the deal is with the rudder when I get home tonight, after I get the view system "corrected" .

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