Flight 19 doing the bahrain boogie!
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Thread: Flight 19 doing the bahrain boogie!

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    Flight 19 doing the bahrain boogie!

    Hehe! Were Back.

    Hey there, I sure don't know what the heck happened, but we are off again on another adventure, but Old Dudley and I were sure hopping to get some R/R on some nice beach watching all the young ladies and of course drinking some of the local brew. Shucks, we didn't even clear security on our flight when we were pulled out of the line by the airport police, and were told that we would not going to some nice Beach. Hehe, we were handed new tickets that would take us to Dublin, Ireland of all places. Now when arrived in Ireland the head Guru off our travel agents explained the new junket. Now, here is the kicker, we are to fly Jets with some type of cargo to somewhere in the Middle East! This is just great, they are known to shoot folks down there, but he told us NO PROBLEM Here I open my big mouth and told him his is more than welcome to take our place, of course, that went over like a lead balloon in church.

    Might not be too bad flying these jets, the one Dudley and I will be flying is a DC-9-30,(as the attached picture show) We spent one day just checking the log book and other information concerning the DC-9 for any major problem during it's service time, and checking out the flight procedures of this here machine. Not too bad compared to some we have checked out, hehe flying this dude just might be a kick in the part you sit on. Today, along with some maintenance people, and a check pilot will be checking on how we would handle certain types of problems. Wow! really looking forward to flying this plane me think.

    Well folks we will let you know how things went after our first flight to St.Gatien, Fr.
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    Good Afternoon,

    Flight 19 finish it first flight at St. Gatien, Fr. (LFRG). Some clouds, but at times we could see the Channel as we approached St. Gatien. Going to have a few hours in order to check out the planes and get any major or minor problems corrected. We had a few, but they were at the time no problem but who in the heck would know maybe just a small bug or a big bug.
    All aircraft check out real good conceding most had be setting at the airport at Dublin for some period in time, I believe. I would more than likely have a heart attack if we got any plane to use with very low hours, and a minimum amount of take offs and landings.

    Hey, we started yee old garage heater, and made ready for our flight to LSGS Sion, which by the way sets in a deep valley of the local mountains. It was recommend that we fly at an altitude of around 15,000 feet. The bloody airport sets at 1581 feet. Whoa, in these mountain that is one heck of a difference. Word went around before take off when we hit the "mountains you are on our own!" Thought that it was kind of strange of being on our own, but when we got over those bugger I could see why! We showed a little icing on the wing, but not to bad flip on the de-ice and cut back the power and dropped like a rock. The cloud cover that we have been going thru for most of the flight cleared and had a good and clear vista of the Airport. Flaps down, gears down, and using the spoiler part time in order to slow this rascal down. Make a nice approach and at touch down the bloody poopie hit the fan!! No brakes, reverse didn't work, and the darn engines, I couldn't get them to reduce the power! One thing, if these folks were thinking about extending the runway, hehe I did it for them. Other than that no comment!

    On checking for damaged on the DC-9, we were lucky that the ground was frozen and we had hardly any damage to the landing gear with the exception of all the tree branches and grass we collected was all over the landing gears, Old Dudley pointed at me and motion for me to start clearing the debris. He sure is getting bossy in his old age, come to think about it we both are getting older. hehe

    Now you all take care with this virus that is going around. Stay tuned for the next flight and see if we can get out of SION without, well you all know what.
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    Good Afternoon,

    We all got out of Sion LSGS without any scratches or dents which in it self prove we were darn lucky. This out bound trip we had a surprise visitor, A great big airplane! One of the pilot was hired to fly this bird out, boy! not me, said the little Yankee from NM. I sure don't how he got that 747 out of this canyon, but he did!

    The remaining of the flight was uneventful at time you could see the ground and when over the Mediterranean Sea it clear enough so you could see the white caps and even a fishing boat or two catching dinner. hehe.

    On landing at LIRF we had the same problems with the engine, which I shut down as soon as all the gears touch the payment. Well, we didn't run out of runway doing that but it sure helped. Dudley and I and a couple of mechanics worked on the bloody thing almost to dawn. We, think and hope we corrected the problem, if not we just might get rid of this

    Wow! one thing, even if it was take out the food was something to fight over it was just great, not to mention the local wine.

    Our next flight will be from LIRF to LATI Tirnan, Albania. Hey, by golly, hope to see you there.
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    Hey, Hi everyone,

    I was going to try to say the greeting in Italian, but crying out loud, All I could say in Italian is Pizza hehe and the people at the restaurant look at me like I was from another plant. Oh well, what I got to eat was just great. Next Flight it will be Greek food, sure hope me tummy holds up for all the different type of food we will try. Ok, please pass the Tums.

    Well here we go, We left Rome, and flew over the city to see some of the ruins and gave a wave to the Pope at St Peters me think. Being in Rome was a thrill of a life time if you were interested in the Roman Empire, Which being an History student way, way, back in school. We ran into a little of the rock and roll type weather but it didn't last very. We were thru it fairly fast as we climbed up to around 20,000 ft. Larry had a problem with the CRJ-700 when both engine decided to take a break and flamed out. He did an air start and they fired up and away he went. Our problems with the DC-9 seem to have been corrected and we made a fair landing and the Brakes and Reverses all work and we were able to control the engine for a change

    The airport at Tirana, Albania was a real nice surprise ground control was very professional for a smaller airport, sometimes at the smaller airport it almost every man for himself. Believe me it was a pleasure landing here.

    Ok, here we go, Leaving LATI and flying over to LGMT Mililini, Greece.

    Check the pictures, all as we fly over the city of Rome.

    You all take care with this bloody virus going around.

    Flight 19
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    Hello all,

    Hot Dog! Our flight from LATI to LGMT was one of the best one's we have had. The weather was clear all the way, just a little bit of a headwind at the altitude Dudley and I were flying. Real nice approach and, it I may say so myself a great landing. hehe. The flight was really uneventful we were just cruising along. Hehe, we pasted Mt. Olympios (Spelling) we thought that we would try to wake up the old head of the Greek Gods Zeus, but alas, he must have been busy fooling around the Virgins of Deli. Old Dudley thought I was crazy as a loon, maybe so, but it is fun.

    Now back to the flight, we all were in a discussion about our luck concerning the present day weather, and hopping our luck with today weather would hold up for the remaining Flights, heck, being Flight 19 with our luck we maybe in a snow storm over the low land desert. lol.

    On the serious side we are getting a little close to the area where our old buddy Achmed roams around. After all these years of the problems between Flight 19 and Achmed I thought that he has given up trying to knock the poopie out of Flight 19, in the pass we have avoided him like the plague, and in some cases out smarted him. Moses and I remember him like a bad toothache. But knowing old Achmed he has never forgave Willy and flight 19 out witting him way back when.

    As our buddy Willy would say, "Bad to bidnes." We will be leaving Mililini, Greece LGMT today and head toward Ankara, Turkey LTAC.

    Hey, again hope to see you tomorrow!
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    Gee! So far with the weather our luck is holding out, hehe clear weather all the way! As reported yesterday this flight was from LGMT Odyssias Elytis, Greece to Ankara, Turkey. Flew over some rough looking land, and quite a few town and villages. Ankara Airport had all the goodie, NDB, VOR, and ILS sure made some thing easier. But as usual, being Flight 19, hehe this sure can't last long.

    Tk and the CRJ 700 were having some issues and remained at LGMT and passed on that they would catch up ASAP! Moses03 joined us with his large Boeing 757. Sure was questionable it he and the 757 would be able to make the trip, noting, their were having some issue also, but alas, they hit the right button and away we all went. We are sure hopping that Moses03 can join us more often on our journey.

    I sure have a feeling that we just might be heading for Iraq, but what do,I know heck we may turn to Northern Course hehe, does it really matter some of these folks shoot at almost anything, and believe me, I am anything hehe!

    Enough of my whatever. OK, the next flight will be from LTAC Ankara, Turkey to LTCP Adiyaman, Turkey. Hey, if you feel like it grab a plane and join us, you sure would be welcome.

    Just keep passing this on: Take care with you and your family with this here crazy virus that's going around.
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    Hey there!

    All I can say is "What a flight." Just as smooth's as you know who butt it is. hehe The radio squawk and I believe it woke me up. LOL, nah, I was awake, but I sure didn't want the rest of the flight knowing it.

    This flight as noted yesterday was from LTAC to LTCP. Ran into a few cloud, but no problem. Did receive some information that there were a chance of possible thunder storms forming. We sure didn't see any evident,s of a major storm showing if it started to do it's thing we were all ready landed at Adiyaman, Turkey. So far our luck is holding up, but for how long who knows.

    Tk caught up with us and four a change we were a flight of four aircraft. Oops, forgot Moses03 was again with us with his 757. He was still having issues with some of the control, but the maintenance dept. here just may have what he needs for repair. Such hope so.

    Shucks, I lost the bet we had going that we would in up in Iraq. Me, I bet we would turn North. For me to pay off they will need to catch me. hehe, just kidding.

    Ok, here goes. Our next flight will be from Adiyaman, Turkey(LTCP) to Al Asad AB, Iraq(ORAA). Which should be kick in the back side. Some of those folks may not appreciate us landing here. Oh well, they can't eat you me think.

    You all take care and we will with any kind of luck see you tomorrow.

    and the Gang. Hehe.
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    Howdy all!

    Well, here we sit all broken hearted, hehe. We received orders to stand down yesterday, and why, the cargo and passengers who were to join us for the trip to Iraq were unable to get here due to some kind of problems. I sure hope the problems get cleared up soon, staying here another day and we will need to pay a wee bit more for the parking spaces for the planes. Everybody is after our Yankee Dollars. lol.

    The last we had heard was that all was on it's way. Whatever that meant! hehe!

    So stay tuned we might surprise you and make the flight.

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    Hello all,

    Real life things sure screw up my flight time. Ok, enough of the feeling sorry for myself.

    We took off from LTCP Adiyaman, Turkey and pointed noses of our aircraft towards ORAA Al Asad AB. The flight itself was great, and picked up some time in order to meet the next bunch of cargo and passengers

    Let me tell you this place, AL Asad AB was in my view the end of the world, who in the heck would raise an army to fight a small war in order to get his hand on it. If it was up to me I would gladly give this hole to them, hehe no fight!

    I was sure wishing we could load and get the heck out of here. Darn, we need to wait until the new whatever gets here, I say let them ride a darn Camel to the next destination! Of course that didn't bring any smiles to the local officials. So, according to our contract we need to wait. Just one more flight and bingo off to catch a big nice 747 and leave the driving to their pilot. Just give a pillow and some coffee and I will be in high heaven.

    Oh Crap, the rumor gin mill mention that we just might be heading east, but no information concerning where to! Like good solders we will do our job. Kind of crazy! me think. hehe

    The Crew
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    Whew, I made it back!

    Hey, hehe, we all went out to where our planes were parked just to see how far they sunk into sand parking lot. I think it was a parking lot, but everything looked about the same here, Sand and more Sand hehe. Whew! our planes didn't sink into the sand as far as we were afraid of, but going to take some power from the aircraft to pull them free from the sand for the next flight.

    The up coming flight will be from ORAA AL Asad AD to, we hope, ORMM Basrak, Iraq. it should be a milk run, but milk runs have a bad habit of changing to a real butt kicker.

    LOL. We all made it to ORMM without any problems, it was so dark you were luckily to see the darn running light. Oh, that was just a gripe, it helped when all you could see was the control panel, but we did pass over some towns who it looked like they had all their lights on.

    One nice thing they, who ever they are, had rooms reserved for us at a local hotel hehe, which was a surprise, and we were told NO CHARGE! hehe but shucks, we need to pay for our own meals. Oh well, it sure beats sleeping under the wing which we needed to for a lot of times.

    OK, this will be the last flight for this junket, ORMM Basrak, Iraq and to OBBI Bahrain, Bahrain.

    Rumors are still flying around about more flights to the east! Got to be better than flying in this sand box. Now, you didn't hear that from me hehe.

    Stay tune! for more of the world of flight 19. Also been called the CRAZYEST flight team in the world. hehe. I didn't say that some wrote that in a news paper!
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    Hey all, just in case the rumor's about Flight 19 heading eastward, I got a hold of an old friend of Dudley who run a swap shop for aircrafts he and Old Dudley picked out us a new plane. See the picture they sent to us from Bahrain. Hey Moses03, hehe just helps my little old heart just like an old home week. hehe
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    Well folks, another fine and fun mission has be completed with the flight between ORMM Basrah Iraq, to OBBI Bahrain.

    At landing we were guided to our parking spaces at the north end of the airport in a kind of seclude area, hehe, just maybe, maybe, because of our passengers and the light cargo that hauling around to Airport all over the Middle East! Any way, along came some black SUV types to pick up the passengers, I believe, we never aboard the Eastern DC-9 even talked to them or any close contact. Whatever, no skin off of our nose.

    We were introduced to the crews that will take our or their plane back to some place. Main thing, they wanted to know if we had any major or even minor problems with the aircraft. We passed on to them the planes log books and verbally mentioned any little things that occurred on the flights with the planes. We watched as the plane we have flown for the last month or so take off to where who in the heck knows. So we just sat here waiting for any new missions the our beloved travel agent lined up for us. We just have a few days to wait, no problem, some good food, a nice place to sleep and some of the local shows with all the pretty girls. There I go thinking of home again. hehe.

    Enjoy your stay with us as we wait and be sure to stay tuned for the next mission!
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    Hey there!

    Well folks, we are off and flying again our travel agent finally got the new paper for the new adventure just a short time before our normal take off time. Ok, we will be continuing with the Bahrain boogie, so set back and enjoy our miss adventures.

    As I noted we got our flight plans a little late, but we did get everything going in the right direction, Aircraft fueled, and some goodies were put aboard for the few passenger we will be carrying on this flight. The flight plans were filed along with a few extra things.

    I have started out flying a 707 ADV and we were doing just fine and then the poopie hit the fan. Over speed a few times without touching the throttles, and then, a stall which proved to be one heck of a problem trying to get the plane back into control, but we did it. The rest of the flight was about 190 miles ahead of us after all the problems. I think those two landed and had dinner before I even started our approach. hehe, Bottom Line, the 707 had some major problems with the Auto Pilot, and in the short term it wouldn't be ready for a couple of weeks. Dudley and I put our heads together and came up with a 757 Eastern plane. It checked out to be AOK and we did a pre-flight with it and she handled just great.

    Here we go. the first flight was from OBBI to OOMS which is called Muscat, Oman, Seeb Natl.

    Today's flight will be from OOMS to OIZH Zahedan, Iran. which should be a very interesting situation. Hehe. Dudley told me to keep me big mouth shut for a change. Hehe, he didn't really mean it, or did he!

    You all take care and be damn careful with this damn Virus going around!
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    Hi, good morning,

    Well what do you know. Number three of this here mission is now in the book as our friend TK would say. No problems occurred as far as I know with the exception of me and my plane. I climbed a little on the slow side and the remaining planes of the flight got a wee bit ahead of Dudley and I. Later in the flight we climbed to around 26,000 feet and, of course, we were able to increase the air speed without over speeding to around .80. We slowly caught up with the fellow and landed with a fair amount of Class. hehe, you all believe that don't you?

    As you know this flight was from OOMS to OIZH in Iran. We sure expected some, hopefully, small problems upon landing. You know it wasn't half a bad as most of us thought. Each aircraft had a pickup truck with a sign in English "Follow Me" of course that we did. They guided us to a remote part of the Airport where the local population couldn't that we were American and a couple of Canadian, hehe with one pilot who for some reason ended up in Canada. LOL. No problem with him he is a kick in the butt.

    Ok, Todays flight will be from OIZH Zahedan, Iran to OPKC Karachi, Jinnah Intl, Pakistan. We, Dudley and I are carrying some very special people, government types to Karachi for some kind of meeting. We have no idea, Dudley and I really don't care one bit. And me mouth is closed. hehe. Cu all later.

    sorry no pictures the darn camera ran out of film. My Bad.

    By the way Dudley and I have changed planes, now flying Boeing 757-200 in Eastern Texture.

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    Back Again!

    Like the man said about Iran, "Lets get the hell out of Dodge!" Really, it could have been worst, meaning all the paper work, setting up a flight plan across Iran that would expose to us any of their secret things. As far as I am concern I sure in the heck wouldn't know what I was looking at! Hehe, and I really could care less about such things. Finally, after some discussions with the Airport official's, and some big shots from up around Tehran putting in their two cent worth we were able to say goodbye to some of the people who were very nice to us, and very helpful with all the stuff that was going on. Just let it be known take hehe, we did make a few friend's like us who were just average folks just like us!

    So folks, we did get out of Dodge, hehe! We left OIZH Zahedan and pointed the pointy ends toward OPKC Karachi, Pakistan, will be landing at Jinnah Intl. Airport. The flight itself was kind of uneventful, and it was kind of nice just to fly and screw around with the little buggers that run around in the systems causing some little problems.

    The closer we got to Pakistan we were rewarded with some kind of haze that got worst as we arrived at Karachi, some one mention that it was smoke from some kind of fires these folks have. Not going to mention the smell that was present.

    Off we go! leaving OPKC Karachi, heading to VABO Vadodara, India. When we have flown in India in the past it seemed that we were always flying thru fog! Sure hope it will be different this time!

    Hehe, again my bad. the flight was so nice and enjoyable I just set there and enjoyed me self. and only took one picture. Of course, Dudley was all over my case about screwing up the picture taking.

    You all stay tuned and see what kind of screw up I get into again! hehe, just kidding.
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    A good Sunday morning to you all!

    Hate to say this, but sure glad we got out of Karachi I ain't going to elaborate on my comment I will just let it stand and you folks can think what you want to. This flight we headed to VABO. Vadpdara,India. hehe, we kind of run into the same situation here, lots of smoke, people, some looked like they were starving to death, and all these cow wandering around the streets would sure make a good meal. but, due to their religious beliefs they would not under any circumstances butcher or eat any of those animals. Sure looks like there isn't going to any beef dishes for us two Yanks. hehe

    The flight itself wasn't to bad, but we sure had a lot of lighting and some heavy cloud cover ah...but we all made it into the airport. Well, Sunday is our normal day of rest and we will begin the mission on Monday. But, no steaks available for dinner, and I am not a real fan of curry either. So we made due and frankly I really enjoyed the meal that was recommended. We had some nice rooms at one of the local hotels, and, by golly, our aircrafts were cleaned and fuel etc by the local airport personal which in a way surprised the heck out of me.

    We also spent a lot of time working around the planes, just checking some of the normal things that might have occurred on the these flight, like tires, low on air pressure which could cause a fire on take off. Which would be a little to interesting. Must say that the maintenance people were just great going over the needed area like mentioned before tires, brakes, and all flying surfaces. Boy! we couldn't have asked for better service than which these folks did.

    A good night sleep and getting our pink flight suits cleaned, so we should be ready to go tomorrow.

    I did, for a change, take some pictures of the flight. One show the 757 parked on the runway. hehe, couldn't get into the parking area, to big!
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    Hey Folks,

    Our paper work for the next flight finally came through and man we are ready to go.

    Ok. We will be leaving VABO Vadodara, India and heading to VICX Chaken AB, or as the native put it. Chakeri, Kanpur, India hehe.

    Will fill you all in on our flight tomorrow. By the time we get there we will just enough time for dinner, a hot shower and the bed for an early take of on the following day.

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    Good afternoon!

    Hehe, it sure didn't take us to long to get our butts out of Vadodara, pedal to the metal, or ball to the wall, but whatever we pushed the plane harder that what we usually do. So, we are on our way to Chaken AB, Kanpur, India.

    The first part of our climb out wasn't to bad, Come to find out we needed to divert from our original course. It seem we had a very powerful passenger who wanted us to fly over his little O' ranch. Damn, the order came from a very high up person in the government. What the heck, we flew over his little rancho, but darn, that little old Rancho was big and bigger.
    Hehe, I made an excuse that we needed to get back on course, reason we had limited fuel. It sure wasn't the truth, but it worked and we were off to Kanpur. Over in the right seat old Dudley was laughing his head off. Then he turned to me and said I was one luckily sob, why, if we would have had on board a pilot he would be well aware that we weren't low on fuel. hehe.

    We got back on course just in time to start seeing the cloud cover and all of the lighting and it was popping every where! Push the throttle a little and started to climb above all the mess that we could have flown into. Wow! we got up high enough where we saw some awful pretty blue sky. Again, I think we are going to run into some hazy ground cover as in the last two landing.

    Kanpur is a industrial center for cloth and I don't know what else, and it is or was one of the most polluted cities in India. Might just have to strip the aircraft of it's portable O/2 bottles just to be able to get around without passing out from the lack of O/2 or end up going home with some kind of virus in our lungs. Heck, I should quit thinking of the bad things that could happen. Note to me self. hey, dipstick, for a change think of the good things. hehe.

    Here we go, after landing at Kanpur some of the big shots left the plane and were replaced by, what looked to me some military personal, I didn't see any weapons, but they could have been loaded into the lower cargo areas. Our gal Friday came forward to the cockpit and said that they were a heck of a lot friendly and personable than those clown who just got off! hehe,

    Today's flight: VICX Kanpur to BE44 Hashimara, India.

    Catch you all tomorrow!
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    Hello There!

    As I noted before this flight was from VICX Chaken AB to Hashimara VE44. Now a favor, don't ask me how to pronounce these names of some of the city in India. Heck! I have enough trouble spelling them!

    Ok, the flight was, ironically the same as all the flights we have had in India, on the ground one heck of a haze, our share of lighting, and some heavy duty clouds. But, with our expertise we made all the flight fairly comfort for all, or most, of our passenger, but there was time with some passengers I sure would like to give a rough ride. Dudley gave me dirty look as usual, he mention that if I did give the passenger our best rough ride and they reported it I could lose my license, hehe, what license! hehe.

    Our Military passenger, hehe, gave our girl Friday and very nice tip I was told. Believe she and the other attendance has a rough job with some passengers who could be a pain in the part you sit on. (Didn't want to write, a pain in the ass). I got a feeling of sadness about the Army fellows. I believe they maybe going up to the area where India and Pakistan have been fighting over for years. Dudley and I were a little bit down hearted about them possible heading into some kind of butt kicking fight. Dudley and I knew how most of them felt, we were in the same type of situation a number of years ago. Ah...heck back to our job!

    We landed at VE44 kind of late in the afternoon, Afternoon, crying out loud the sun was going down. Late afternoon, hehe. Enough of that, any way some new information came through the normal or un-normal means that we should prepare the aircrafts for a very early departure in the morning, let say, around 3:30 AM or so! Well, there goes my beauty sleep, and believe I need all the help I can get. lol.

    Hey folks, here is the skinnies; Leave Hashimara, India, as early as possible in the AM, and continue on towards VYMD, Mandalay Intl. Mandalay, Myanmar. Well, at least this flight we should be able to see the sun come up. hehe.

    You all take care because of this here virus crap going around. Follow the rules

    Pictures, one shows the level of pollution in the places we landed in India.
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    Hi everybody,

    Again we took off like a hear of turtles, hehe. But of course it would have been better if we had something that could see in the dark. Per skd, we took off early in the morning more than likely most of us were still a little burrier eyed, oh well, flying these big jets you better be full awake, so they tell me!

    As noted before, our flight plan was from VE44 Hashimara, India to Mandalay, Myanmar. Just getting to our aircraft was a drag, raining like cats and dogs, Hehe, just think with this rain I could forgone me shower! Like the man said do the five Ps no use writing them out you all know what the heck they are.

    The weather was typical for these flight, lighting, rain, and lots of heavy cloud cover. We even got into a wee bit of rock and roll, I imagine, that some of the burp bags will need changing. Hehe, Our Girl Friday told us that some of the passenger were a little green color.

    Great news, we all made into Mandalay. Seen the runway and flew passed it and made our turn for the cross wind and then turned again for the runway, but you couldn't see the darn thing it was either covered by dust or we were back into the air pollution . Hit the approach button on the A/P and picked up ISL and away we went no problem we landed just a little fast got a good bounce then all was OK. With the exception of a few passengers.

    Some bad news. There won't be any of these notes for a couple of days unless one of the other pilots will do them. Will be out of town heading for the big city(ABQ) Friday and should be back Saturday.

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    Hello everyone!

    We are on the go again this time we are on the next to last flight on this mission. We left VLVT Wallay Intl. at Vientiane, LAOS turned around and headed south sort of heading for Phnom Penh Intl. in Cambodia. The flight itself was good, but we needed to climb up over 20,000 feet in order to get over the T/storms that have been raising a little cane over the area for a couple days. We, being Dudley and I, ran into a little rock and roll, and as usual the burp bags were being used by the dozens. After a short period the rock and roll went away, and the flight was as you would be staying in bed for that extra hour of sleep. hehe. Watching the weather radar we were a little concern about what appeared on the radar it showed some heavy cloud formations that maybe a little touchy descended and for our approach. Hehe, Broke thru the cloud layer and the weather was almost perfect. What can I saw flight 19 luck held up again. All made fair landing, but as usual we got a little cross wind and almost needed hit the power and do a go around. Hehe, We closed our eyes and made respectable landing. Nah....can't see any way

    airport the rumors float around like a bunch of bees. Sometime the hardest thing is to try to understand the spoken language, Old Dudley does fairly good at some of these languages, but me, I gave up trying to understand most of the conversation, I might as well go the wall and see if it talking. Just a JOKE Mom.

    Now, Dudley explained to me what the heck the rumors were. It seem that our next flight will end up a WMKP Penang 1, Malaysia. Where a group of pilots from who knows,refused to fly the multi-engine prop jets types. Boy! Do I have that old feeling coming back. Our never screw up, travel agent. If that rascal hear about this there no way he or she would let it past, and away we would go! To where who in the heck would know. You all stay tuned to see what kind of trouble we will get into this time.

    So Monday we will leave VDPP and head to WMKP and the unknown. hehe.

    You all stay cool, and follow the rules concerning this here nasty virus!

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    Hi, Just a small update. Today we will be taking off for Penanq 1 Malaysia which should be the end of this mission. One thing, we got some orders from the head rabbit's of the company who contracted this mission that we should wait at Penanq 1 for a few days. Well, I know that my time is getting close to run out and to fly now would put my time over the limits for the month of July and the first part of August. Hehe, a good way to lose a pilot license, and then I would need to go to work.

    The rumors still persist about the flight crews at Penanq 1 still remain grounded. Sure in the heck don't know the problems are, and now at the present I really don't give a darn. All I know now that it would be good deal to get back the US for us, don't know about the Pilots from our northern neighbor about their feeling about going home.

    Ok, we will see sometime after we figure out what's going on!

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    Hi again!

    Here we sit enjoying the finer thing at Penanq 1 while waiting for any word on what the heck going on. Word has come through stating that we were to stand down for a few more days, while negations are going on between our travel agent and whoever, the other side is.

    As we have noted in pervious posts that the other side have been having problem with the aircraft crews to fly. Shuck, the real situation is that they, the other side, is having trouble finding qualified pilots for the job that sure sounds strange to me, but who in the heck would know.

    Knowing our fearless travel agent, I believe, we might be taking a trip to somewhere unknown at the present time. If that is the case I might as say farewell to my little vacation that I have been planning. Believe me, this isn't the first time my vacation plans were thrown into the trash, now if our travel agent wins the negations these plans will go to the trash! You know, with all the bull a person should could take up drinking some of the local brew. hehe.

    Here hopping things will be resolved sometime soon. Strange as it may sound we all are getting a little bored with this situation! Whatever, we will or should be in the air shortly.

    me, hehe

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    Hey Howdy everyone.

    Hot Dog! we got a little bit of news yesterday concerning our situation here at Penang 1 Intl. Airport. The word is, hehe that we are taking those cargo flights to where I don't know as yet. It's going to be just great leaving here me think!

    One thing, is the aircraft in general, I under stand all are cargo ships being turbo props. Funny thing I have really seen any cargo birds here! Our fearless travel agent passed the word on that the aircraft were parked somewhere around behind all the Terminal Buildings. It just might be the scrape area for all junkie Planes. Checking with the airport official's about walk around and check out these here hidden planes. No problem, quoted the local airport police. So, Old Dudley and I started our journey to find the aircraft with the hope we may find one that could fly and carry a heavy load of cargo. Let me tell you! those planes were scattered all over the bloody place. We found one that we were both satisfied with, an ex- American Air Force plane being a C-130E in, I believe, the texture paint is of the 1970 era. We sure don't care about the looks as long as it is reason shape to fly with a cargo load plus a heavy amount of fuel.

    We took the herkie bird for a test flight, and to our surprise the plane flew just great, and all the system work AOK so far without any problems.

    We are still waiting for our flight plans arrive from where ever I sure hope it's not regular mail, heck we could be here for more time which is not a good idea ! As soon as they arrive and the other pilot's get there plane ready to fly we will be off, (I hope)
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    Hi ya all.

    Just added some pictures of the C-130 during our test flights, these were taken by our chase plane, reason, I guess just to make sure we didn't get into trouble. Now, how in the heck would a chase plane be able to helps us in the case of any of the systems quitting! Hehe maybe just to pickup the pieces.
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