Virtavia is remastering the Neptune
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Thread: Virtavia is remastering the Neptune

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    Virtavia is remastering the Neptune

    Check out the news here. They're going to include Neptune fire bombers in the update.

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    Sounds like there are going to be some great improvements...A must buy for me.Kent

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    Stickied it to the top since it has been released, as mentioned afore.
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    While i love the neptune, looking at the images this one is not for me

    on a positive note at least is under 20 euro, which affordable for some who will go down that path

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    Shame they didn't smooth out that clunky radar bulge underneath..
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    I'll pass.
    As my Father flew Neptunes late in his RAAF career I'd be first in line for a current level 'Neppie', but not this rehash.
    Fair enough price but.
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    I can't wait to buy this tonight. It's not like we're going to get a Neptune fire bomber from any one else.

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    Also available at the new store. $18.95

    Until a better one comes out, this one will do for me.
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    I picked it up and you're definitely getting what you pay for with it. After I redo the panel lines, rivets and add some PBR im sure this will be a nice little addition to my tanker fleet.

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    The flight model seems improved, the VC is a bit improved, the animations though...not so much (my big issue is that the jet intake doors are no longer animated as they are in real life. Instead of being operable in flight like the real airplane— and like they did on the previous model, they are now coded to close automatically when the engines are off and the airplane is on the ground— like a ground intake cover. Bummer to me....YMMV.


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    Quote Originally Posted by tankerguy72 View Post
    I picked it up and you're definitely getting what you pay for with it. After I redo the panel lines, rivets and add some PBR im sure this will be a nice little addition to my tanker fleet.
    I picked it up as well tonight. Thing needs a ton of work like I stated on the group's page. Needs custom sounds, PBR, flight dynamics, and some other tweaks for sure.

    I'll just flat out say it. If you're looking for a vastly improved version. This isn't it. Updated, yes. It's still pretty bare bones and you do get what you pay for (about a $5 value per model). Compared to the old Alphasim P-2 Neptune this is based on, this one is pretty much the same. Flight dynamics are still lack luster and unrealistic. Aircraft is devoid of payload stations, and doesn't have a true 4 engine setup. Sounds were marginally updated (still doesn't do the Neptune ANY justice). Cockpit is still the same old pixelated parts from FS2004/FSX Alphasim version, with some improvements done in the cockpit. I'm at least happy they included the tanker versions. Those are really all I'll fly to be honest (and why I bought it). They are both Minden Air Corps' birds though. They say 2 different models for fire bombers, but it's really the same model without some windows on either side near the nose as far as I've noticed.

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