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    Up the Colorado without a Paddle

    The next Flight 19 adventure begins.. watch for details or tall tales

    "To some the sky is the limit. To others it is home" anon.
    “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” -Albert Einstein

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    Headed out of Mexico (near the invisible dry mouth of the Colorado River and found our way to Laguna AAF (KLGF). TK found a new way to make his parking spot obvious...
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    "To some the sky is the limit. To others it is home" anon.
    “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” -Albert Einstein

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    Ahh but......in my defense the Ultra Cub has very twitchy brakes and I was in a hurry to get to the destination as I forget to reset the time on TO and it was getting dark....FAST! The Ultra Cub doesn't have any instrument lighting either so I needed to get down before it went totally black.

    On the plus side I was able to capture this rather 'peachy' Kodak Moment (TM) sunset about 12 minutes out from the target.

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    slow and low, not to bad after flying the C-119 in Argentina. So, Don't cry for us Argentina. hehe, No tall tales here! Sometime flying the Piper Cub I thought I could get out and walk faster, but alas, I couldn't stand the bloody fall. Ok, back to the flight it was a nice one and the weather was just grand for a change. Flew over a lot of desert, but it was interest landscape and it was fun trying to find any coyotes to buzz but seen nothing a lot of scrub brush. Shucks, I missed Tako's three point landing. Darn luckily that I didn't do one.

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    Hello there!

    A very nice flight in the desert of California. No tall tales here this time, well except the talk about Blythe and the heat. I can remember how in the heck hot it was when I passed thru there back in the late 50s and 60s. Today flight will be from Blythe to 5CL7 some kind of a pond or something. See you all later.

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    Just s snap of the last flight I flew.

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    Howdy all,

    We should be heading into the state of Colorado in order to fly these here Piper Cubs should be one heck of a flights thru the state. I remember training in a Cub flying in the valley of Northern California I swore that we would get ahead a few miles and the doggone wind at times would blow us back a few miles. Ah, shuck, not that bad, but have you ever been in a cub in the winds. Sometime you think you are standing still. Enough of my history and forward thinking about these flights you get a little thrill.

    Ok, here is the info for today's Flight. Leaving the Boulder, Nevada (61B) and heading as noted into Colorado, after flying around to see Boulder Dan, ( I am form the old school), and maybe check out Lake Mead while looking for Lake Mead B-29!

    Hope you all can see the pictures and note the different in the topography from where we started.

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    Here again, surprised!

    We took off from L25(Boulder City, NV,) Towards L37(Meadview), but we deviated from the regular flight plan and flew over to Boulder Dam and then around Lake Mead and the continued to follow the Colorado River thru some of the local canyon, and it was a great experience, and if you like a heck of a lot of fun! Crazy Huh!. Now the landing strip was dirt and kind of up on a mesa. Nothing there but us.

    From L25, to l37 continue to fly the river course, but in order to land at L37 we needed to climb up over 5300 feet in order to land at the bloody airport. Now this could be a little interesting for the Cubs, and us of course. Let me put it this way, I sure hope we will see you all tomorrow, but if not you surely would know what happened. hehe

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    OK, nice seeing you today. All pilots made it to L37 Peach Spring, AZ. After I landed I jump out in order to check the wing tips, Hehe, I swore that we scraped a few of those Cliffs, to my surprise no damage! Enjoyable flight, yea, if you are a little on the crazy side. hehe, but all in all it was a good flight overall.

    The next endeavor will be from L37 to l50 Tuweep, AZ. I believe we deviate from the regular flight plan and drop down and follow the river again. So stick with devilish pilots!

    I sure would be nice to land at an airport where I could get some good coffee, and maybe a few hamburgers, just kidding one would do it. Cu later

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    Again! The crazy's of Flight 19 ended up down in a deep hole I believe we were down there at about 1300 feet, but those canyon walls sure a heck of higher than reported. Me and the hijack Greek Piper Cub sped along with an average of 100 Kts GS. Hehe when we started to climb out in order to land at L50, we were doing OK until we got near the bloody top and the Cub just ran out of power, and we started to slide back down, OK, tried a couple different approaches but same old problem. Did try something else, not a good idea but we made it over the top, LOL, Power drive down toward the bottom of the canyon and when I hit a very high air speed jerk her up and kept the power on, Hoping not to blow an engine, and by the grace of good luck made it over the top with just a few inches from becoming a pile of future beer can. come to think about it there isn't much on this bird to make many beer cans. Enough of the bull!

    Stay tuned folks

    It sure would be nice if some of the pilots would show some of there pictures and comments.

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    I had the lab put a rush on this roll of film (YES, film).
    There's TK sitting on the only wide bit of river bank for miles (lucky him) after running OUT OF GAS!
    I think he bought a few cups full from a passing jet boat or something.. enough to get him to KGCN
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    "To some the sky is the limit. To others it is home" anon.
    “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” -Albert Einstein

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    Howdy from the crazy drivers.

    Gosh, it sure nice to say hello after this flight down the big ditch! There were some places that this cub couldn't even think about going and remain in one whole part! So I bail out of the canyon early than the other two pilots. Shucks, sure missed seeing TK landing on that ridge down in the canyon. As I cleared the canyon walls the bloody wind was there to greet me. So the remaining part of the flight from Tuweep to the Grand Canyon Natl Park was a little rough at time and bouncy most of the time, but at KGCN I was at least got a good cup of coffee and descent meal instead of those fast food things. hehe.

    Heck, I was walking to the cub when this yahoo yelled at me "beware of Greeks bearing gifts' laughing and pointing to the cub. Kind of pooped me off and with my temper I felt like taking a poke at him, but I yelled back it wasn't a gift we hijacked it from the Greeks. That shut him up, I guess it was his wife with him, and boy! She sure looked embarrassed by this smucks actions.

    When all this happened I was on my way to the fuel station, just to make sure the same wouldn't happen to me as it did to TK running out of fuel. Ok, now the skinny, we will leave KGCN and soot our way to AZ03 at Cliff Deweller's Lodge, at Marble Canyon. Going to be interesting dirt runway at 3800+ feet, just hope we don't get any rain or snow this desert dirt can get slick as water and oil on a runway. OK I will shut up for now! lol See you all Monday.

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    Hehe, It's Sunday again.

    All pilots arrived at AZ03 without any mishaps. Now we have some relaxing and try to grab a ride at the HI way in order to get to Page, Az shouldn't take to long lots of traffic heading to the Page area. Hehe, sure hope so!

    I in real life spent some time at Page each year they a fly in sort of an airshow, we flew a hot air Balloon, with the balloon you had to be on the ball there were a heck of a lot of no fly areas. Always had a great time there. See all of you Monday and hope to have an report Tuesday concerning the Monday day flight.

    Picture; showing the start of the cub's descent into the Grand Canyon.

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    Hello again,

    If you are reading this then you know that we made it thru this part of the Canyons near Page Az. For the first time I felt fairly good about flying here even with the Lake Powell Dam and the Bridge that crossing the Colorado River that I was already aware of, but it sure didn't help when I made one of the last turns and there sat the biggest piece of concert that I have seen for awhile. Should have planned to gain altitude but pilot error. I Pushed the throttle full forward and pulled back on the stick, and hoped for the best. Well, it happened we made it over the Dan and Bridge with a few feet or inches to spare, and then I could finally let out my breath. hehe. And breath again! which isn't bad at all.

    Now, the up coming flight is as follows. Be leaving Navajo Mountain 04uy and heading to Hite UT03

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    I have missed the last five days of flying with Flight 19, and sure hope everything holds up so I can fly this evening.

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    Hi, well sure was up a creek without a paddle for some unknown reason the FSX. exe kept shutting the FSX flight simulator, Hopefully, the problem has been solved, but with this bugger you can never tell. Anyway, I will be on the ramp ready to fly tonight. The flight will be from UT03 to UT53, going to be interesting, heck, I have never heard of them before I received the flight plan. Hehe, that's the fun of flying with Flight 19.

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    Hi there!

    Hehe, Hot Dog! for some strange reason I made the complete flight last night, heck, maybe I have the problem corrected but you never know! Enough of the personal stuff. It was a very nice flight last night from KGJT Walker to KRIL Garfield Co. regal. Now we will be heading to KEGE Eagle Co. Regal, at Eagle, Co. We kind of left the major canyon or large and deep canyon, now we are in the high country, Eagle is a 6535 feet in elevation. And believe me, there are some big rock piles around here!

    This adventure has just one more flight. The rumors around here is that we have another contract to fly some cargo and passenger up to Chicago, Ill. It also seems that we will be heading south after Chicago, but remember these are just rumors. hehe, I just might miss flying the Super Cub it sure have be has been a joy. Old Dudley nosed around about the new contract and found out if it is true, we should be flying some four engine birds. This if true, sure would be nice I cut my teeth learning to fly the Douglas's DC-6s. As usual, this sure is going to be a wait and see thing.

    As usual, hehe enough bull!

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    Back Again!

    Holy Cow, I must have found a paddle, because I have had two days flying without any problems, which is unusual on this junket. The flight between KRIL and KEGE was interesting and a nice enjoyable one. Now, we have one flight left of this flight plan. By golly, the rumors turned out to be true, hehe and we will be heading to Chicago! Evidently, the require aircrafts are all ready waiting for us at KGNB. Oh Boy, might be an little interesting change over to a DC-6 from the Piper Cub! Old Dudley is at KGNB checking out the unit that we will be flying, He told me that he had troubles trying to locate our Flight Engineer, but knowing Dudley he will have her here and ready to go. One of these days we need to find out her real name, calling her engineer sounds crazy. In most of our flying in a aircraft that requires a engineer she have been with us.

    As far as I have found out about the next flight is we will be flying from KGNB to KMDW with intermediate stops. Well, sounds like a barrel of fun.

    Srg. Was following the highway and noted that he actually passed a truck, hehe so did I but the truck was going the other way. See you all later, have a nice day and stay safe.

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    Hey you all!

    This adventure has come to it's end. Geee!, what an ending. There are no picture this time, if you would like to know why, hehe just look at a white wall and you can get an idea what we were facing fog, and you were luckily if you could see your own wind tips. The weather sucked, rough ride and I swore that every bolt and joint in this cub was sounding like it was trying to break loose. Thank goodness some of these hills didn't have any trees on them I know, for a fact, I mowed some grass as we flew over them. You couldn't see them, the mountains, but you sure knew they were there. But alas, we all made it into Granby-Grand, Co. from Eagle. This was the final landing of the Cub in this junket. Hehe, now the fun began with the drinking of the local soda pop and congratulations from a lot of friends on our crazy flights, and we even pouring some of our joy juice on the Cubs for the neat flight they produced. Now! For a hot shower and a shave and a hot meal. Hehe, maybe some sleep. So Night all, see on the next adventure.

    On the ramp set four DC-6's, I would be guessing but these were the planes that have been acquired for the next adventure!

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