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    Messin' with a Texan

    About an hour out of Texarkana in a borrowed 'Bus. Hopefully my planned ride will be waiting for pickup.
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    Hello all,

    As noted by one of the added picture you can see that Srgalahad made it to Texarkana, Tex, AR. (hehe) in time for Flight 19 start of a new adventure. Got me a cowboy hat to wear, but flying the darn wind kept trying blow it off of me head. LOL. So back to the leather helmet, well, not to bad it sure keeps me ears warm. The flight was a enjoyable flight there were some weather to the southwest of our flight plan, but it never affected our flying. We left 21TX and headed toward KGGG, what a surprise! KGGG had a long runway of over 10,000 ft. One thing we won't have to worry about short take offs like we had in the Lobster flights. But it is early in the adventure so who knows!

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    Here I is again!

    As you more than likely noticed that I didn't add anything about Saturday flight. Moses, and Srgaladadm and me self took off from Longview, Tx. pushed ourselves along with clear sky and a little tail wind and sometime no wind, we landed it the City of Commerce, again in Texas. We stay down on Sunday in order to do a little TLC, hehe. I got a couple of fellows to wash and maybe give my bird a was job. It sure cost me a few pennies, but she sure looks good until the next dirt runway. Well, enough'

    The flight took off Monday and headed to Denton from Commerce, I really believe every person who has been working Sunday were more delighted we left on Monday. The flight was more than uneventful, Should have had a TV installed in my plane, but the darn thing more than likely wouldn't pick up and TV Station. At one point, Srgalahad pointed out the our buddy Moses lived about five miles on our port side. Now this is where I shined, Told Srgalahad we should, if Moses had nice big back yard, maybe we could land and get a nice home cooked meal, But alas, It just wouldn't work. Darn it! We landed at Denton with no problem, ATC brought us straight in, Now that was a first! Enough, I kind of get carried away on this here magic machine.

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    Since we are in Texas, I'll just say Howdy.

    Last night we flew from Waco KACT and to off for Canton 7F5 on a beautiful day in Texas, clear weather, and again a little usual for us wee pilots of Flight 19. Man! Talk about being flat, flat. I thought Kansas was flat, crying out loud Kansas is like the mountain country out west! Hehe. Oh well! My flying buddy said there is a lots of cattle down there, hehe, got me thinking about a big juicy steak! Hmm, wonder if Canton has a nice steak house? If so we are going to get the best steak they have, hehe, we still have someone's credit card if he say anything about us having steaks, hehe, we will tell him that we were thinking of him during dinner, aren't we real nice guys. As I was flying along in this very nice situation, A neat thought crossed me mind about going up side down for a little bit. Well, I did, and Texas sure looked different looking at it that way. Great, I was so enjoying upside down I forgot to take a picture.

    Ok, back to business. Flight 19 will be heading from Canton to Nacogdoches, now that's mouth full. So hope you all stay tuned for our flight to Nacogdoches.

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    Howdy all,

    Flight 19 stood down yesterday due to some logistic problem. Should, if the creek doesn't rise, be in the air today. OK, now where is that great steak house you all were talking about?

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    Hello again,

    Hot Dog! the creek didn't rise, and two of us took to the air! Oh, by the way, that steak was great. Dudley and I went back to the steak house and order some steak sandwiches to enjoy on our flight to Nacogdoches, but alas, the best laid plans can and do change into a big fat mess. The weather changed low clouds, and our usual friend RAIN! Srgalahad was running low on fuel and decided to land on any runway in order to get down as fast as he could. I was a little low on fuel also, I believe we still had enough to need if we had to do a go around due to the weather. Finally, we headed to the NDB, drop down real low made a quick right turn at the ADF and by golly there was the runway. On final approach we noticed that Rob was landing on the cross runway to us. Hehe we set her down just in time to see Rob crossing the intersection of the two runways, so all ended well. The steak sandwiches survived and were a little cold, but we figured out a way to heat them up. hehe. But that's life, the sandwiches were cold and the beer hot. Hehe what a way to finish our flight.

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    On the way to Beaumont. Humid and turbulent.

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    Hey There

    Well, what Moses posted, in a short term the weather sucked! I was in the rain a heck of a lot, but Moses radio this over to us, "At least it's washing the bugs off." We all got down safely, on my part it was a little spookier than I thought it would be. OK, just one more flight on this part of our adventure, we will be taking Wed. off to get ready for the flight plans to be carved into stone. So see you all later.

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    The last couple of days the skies over Texas have not been kind.
    Groping around CB's, dodging rain and sneaking under low ceilings...
    On Saturday I was in IFR conditions at 800 ft when Taco commented " I just missed the guy wires on that one" - a moment later my view cleared, I looked back and saw what he meant. Then, Last night it was more of the same...
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    "To some the sky is the limit. To others it is home" anon.
    “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” -Albert Einstein

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    South Texas...the land of big oil, humidity, scrub brush and radio towers.

    Scoring a field goal through KKBQ (top 40 country) and KROI (top 40 country).

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    Wow! just can't believe the great weather we have had in the last two flights crossing Texas, but knowing Mother Nature things could change in a hurry with the weather. Flying here can become a wee problem where fuel is concern. Shuck, there is a rancher back somewhere wondering what happened to his fuel, it seems a few gallons are missing. The main problem we had was sneaking over a few fences across the pasture where there was some mean looking critters, hehe I don't think they really liked us coming thru their domain. We took just enough fuel to mix with what we had in the fuel tanks thinking it should be enough fuel to make our next stop Robstown. I ain't going to mention the crazy noise the engine was making, but we made it. Now, going to get the tanks emptied out and replace the Rancher's gas with some good Avgas! OK, the next leg of this adventure, which Old Dudley are calling it "How in the heck did we get into this mess." We will be leaving Robstown shortly and heading to Laredo, Texas, hmm! Pictures, One show the type of scenery that we flew over on the last two flight. One show Rob little red wagon coming to the ramp after landing.

    Just a thought, If any of you pilots out there would like to fly with the famous Flight 19, please feel free to join us.

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    Howdy ya all.

    A little late on this update, but for some reason I couldn't log on to Sim-Outhouse. This is going to be short, hehe, for a change. We left Robstown and headed for the "Streets of Laredo," We were concern about Laredo and the local custom folks reason we were very close to the border with Mexico, and they could have thought that where we came from. But no problems, they gave us a clear bill of health. Picture: Rob and I getting ready to take off from Robstown, Hmmm, any to do with our fly boy from Canada? Might just be interesting! See you all later.

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    Here I is again, lol

    All three of us fueled up, and I headed for the nearest café to get some coffee and a couple of peanut butter sandwich's. We will be heading to Maverick C. (5T9) and we will be passing over some of the most barren country in the state of Texas, scrub brush and full of rocks! Moses, our Texas cowboy, mention as we were flying over prime real estate that there was nothing down there to eat even if we made a great crash landing, then he thru in that there might be something down there that would like to have us for a meal. Now that did, Now he sure got me to pedal the Waco faster and get the heck out of here! Well, on this flight we had one good thing, the weather was great for flying, but so far most of the flights here in Texas the weather has been good! Today, we should be leaving Maverick and heading to Comstock, isn't the Comstock up in Nevada somewhere. They should not let our Travel agent out of that padded room until he is sober, hehe, I think our buddy Achmed may have something to do with him being our travel agent. Oh Well, Achmed it a complete different story! hehe

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    Hello every body, and we are hopping the you all have a great Veterans Day!

    Such haven't added anything to these post lately mostly due R/L things, but should be back in the air tonight. Again, all pilots you are invited to fly with the infamous Flight 19. Hope to see you all there.

    Here are three pictures these were taken on different flights. Now the one with the Waco panel showing the bloody fog, in my case it was a little spooky! Enjoy!

    Taco, hehe, sure wish the wife would make some for lunch~

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    Hey there!

    Well, this old man sure didn't get a good start on last nights flight. Nothing wrong with the Waco and I was completely awake to fly, but as usual I forgot something. Hehe. forgot to load the film into out camera! Great start huh. Rob and I left E57, Denver City and off into the sunset heading for KPVW. Wow! sure are a lot of Oil derrick around this here town and some of those high flying radio towers. Most of the terrain looked flat from the height that I was flying, Oh, and it sure looked barren of any plant life, but would imagine there is some wild life down there! And I mean real wild. Other than that, I guess, the flight was uneventful and the weather was clear but cold. The predicted weather for our flight west calls for real cold weather. After landing, and due the predicted weather I went looking for an old Army/Navy store in order to purchase some foul weather gear. Believe me it can get cold in an open cockpit. See you all later.

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