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    Quote Originally Posted by Buddha13 View Post
    Hi all,
    For spyware this is a great program.Superantispyware
    Also Serif give away some of their older payware products.Get them here,

    On the first of last month ... SuperAntiSpyware and it's author, Nick Skrepetos, hit me for $199.99 x 4 in the name of Koram Games. Do not have this on your computer. It's a backdoor so he can get your PayPal account and password. Thats $799.96
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    Another graphics package - Paint.NET. Handles layers and reads and writes .DDS files for texturing aircraft models (among others including the usual .bmp, .jpg, gif, .tga etc)

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    Hey Guys,

    Pixia and Phierha (Freeware graphics programs).

    - http://www.ne.jp/asahi/mighty/knight/

    VirtualPhotographer and virtualStudio (For the photographers in the group).

    - http://www.optikvervelabs.com/

    PIXresizer (Image resizing program).

    - http://bluefive.pair.com/pixresizer.htm

    Scribus (Open Source Desktop Publishing program).

    - http://www.scribus.net/canvas/Scribus

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    Microsoft Security Essentials.... free. This is the best antivirus software I've used in a long time. It's picked up stuff that nothing else would touch.
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    MyPaint (Open Source Raster Graphics Program).

    - http://mypaint.intilinux.com/

    If you enjoy creating posters and sketches, you'll probably enjoy it.

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    DAZ3D for a while & Autodesk Softimage Free Mod Tool

    DAZ3D has a free promotion for the month of it's software.

    DAZ Studio 4 Pro, Hexagon 2.5, Bryce 7 Pro, plus a number of other packages are on sale for '$0'.

    Looks like it ends at the end of the month. Sad news is that you still need to buy some of the character files to get the most benefit.
    Not much available for the military crew unless you are into the fantasy realms. Has lots of applications for civilian areas.

    Free items for Poser software at:- http://www.vanishingpoint.biz/freestuff.asp?StartNo=324

    Autodesk Softimage Free Mod Tool software.


    Regards SG

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    Autodesk product update - 123D software

    Autodesk has released some software packages at the moment that are free and appear to be user friendly under the 123D name.
    The 123D Catch looks very interesting for model builders.

    Check them out at :-

    Regards SG

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    Revo Uninstaller. Been trying the freeware version of this one on my Vista 32 bit PC lately, seems to work very well, creates a restore point first, able to dig very deep into the depths of the registry if you want it to.


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    PC INSPECTOR™ File Recovery 4.x is a data recovery program

    and it works. Totally Free none of this show you where the file is then require you to purchase the software to recover it.

    It will find deleted files as well as lost files.
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    ElementaryOS ‘Luna’ has been released.

    The next generation of elementary OS is here. Lightweight and beautiful. All-new apps. A refined look. Name your price or download for free.
    Community Driven.

    elementary has a single goal: to provide the best possible experience for our community. We're driven by a desire to be better, not by a paycheck. Contributors aren't profit-maximizers, they're purpose-maximizers.

    Transparent and Open.

    We believe in the power of open source and global collaboration. That means anyone can download, use, modify, and contribute to the code we've written to bring their ideas to life. The code is developed in the open, meaning it's available for review, scrutiny, and improvement by tens of thousands of developers all around the world. All before it hits your system.

    Beautiful and Usable.

    elementary is crafted by designers and developers who believe that computers can be easy, fun, and gorgeous. By putting design first, we ensure we're not compromising on quality or usability.

    Download it from here:


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