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    New Zealand

    Hey Flight 19,

    Just incase we decide to have our next adventure in NZ I did a little shopping and made a heck of a deal on am old Hudson Bomber. Here a picture of the old warbird setting at Christchuch. Just a little work and she is ready to go. hehe

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    Moses03 and I were fussing about Wigram and decided to launch for Pukaki (NZUK).
    Got there with a bit of weather fun and found a very barren, basic strip.
    So I went digging and found the VLC libraries and an add-on Pukaki scenery and it's a vast, and entertaining improvement.
    There's even room to shoehorn a Shorts Shoebox into the parking area.
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    Just added a couple of pictures of the Hudson, one shows us just above the heavy cloud cover on our way to Dunedn, and the second picture is of us and the Hudson, of course, parked at Dunedn. These pictures were taken a few days ago, here we sit with all the requirement needed for our next flight to Manapouri, hehe when the wind blew and the poop flew! One of engines started acting weird and shut down. Oops, major engine problem, so we were grounded until we get the bloody problem corrected. Flight 19 continued onto Manapouri. we will catch up ASAP, and that's a promise. Hehe.

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    Well, Dudley and I finally made it out of Dunedn and pointed the nose towards Manapouri! Boy, it sure was nice getting back in the air and trying to catch up with the rest of Flight 19 before they leave for NZOA. The weather cooperated and we had a nice flight over all. Now to get ready for the next leg. See you then.

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    Howdy all!

    Old Dudley and I had to fly like heck in order to catch up with Flight 19 . Good news one of the absent members of the Flight caught up with us also, so welcome Willy! For a change we had no rain, and come to think of it, a very nice flight. While we are here at Wanaka we are going visit the Air Museum, just a little different than our normal goofing around at the cities or towns we visit. All is prepared for the continue of this adventure, so, we will be taking off from NZOA and putting over to NZHK. Well, we will catch you all later, providing that all goes well. hehe

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    Here is a picture of Rob's nice red D-18s, and Dudley and me in our Hudson Bomber at Wellington NZ on the North Island. Been told that the country side will be with less mountain than the South Island has. Let me tell you, those were some nasty looking bugger sure would have tried a crash landing or bailing out over these over grown hills. hehe. From Wellington we headed for Waipukurau, now there is another one that I sure won't try to say! ATC said light rain, sure in the heck, this person didn't know what the heck he was talking about it was raining cats and dogs. The poor fellow must have been setting in a nice warm room without any windows, or setting on a nice white sand beach in Hawaii checking out the new style of bikini on the locals. Both of us made neat landings on a grass runway which was 3461 feet in length. The wet grass could hamper the braking on touch down, but we were smart enough to adjust for it. hehe, in order words for Dudley and I it was pure dumb luck! Night all

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    Yea right, no rain, hehe

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    Hello there!

    OK, here is the skinny! Three of Flight 19 took off from New Plymouth heading to Rotorua. Hehe, again the atc kept saying light rain, this guy must be in his own world. Crying out loud our windshield wiper could barely handle all the rain hitting the windshield. On these last few flights we sure got the planes washed! Of course, the weather didn't really cooperate with the exception of a nice tail wind. Now someone mentioned that we were flying over the Land of enchantment, Sure would have been nice if we could see it, all we saw for a long time was this goopy clouds. Finally, Dudley and I decided to drop down a few thousand feet and see if we could see the enchantment! hehe For awhile it was great we could see lots of, I think was farm land, and then the goop followed us down and could see poopie. The weather must have felt sorry for us and cleared up as we approach the general area of Rotorua. All made good landing and of course I was on the hind *&^%^% and landed last on the grass runway. Boy! what's that smell? Hehe, sulfurs, this is an ancient volcano and the bloody thing is still venting sulfur!

    Pictures: one is all of us setting on the runway at New Plymouth for clearance. The other one is showing the Hudson heading to where Rob and Moses are parked.

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    Hello All,

    Once again haven't worked out how to connect to MP in p3d and of course time zones/RL making it difficult to get online anyhow.

    I have been chasing flight 19's tail on this journey through middle earth.

    From Christchurch to NZUK I was keen to stay below the cloud ceiling until the mountains started getting bigger and BIGGER. Had a few CFIT close calls.

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    The flight to Dunedin provided nicer flying conditions and offered the first opportunity of the picturesque kiwi countryside.

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    Yep, there's been a bunch of scud-running or IFR in the last couple of weeks. After all it IS "winter" - hah! a mild fall day for me, but...

    Too bad about the MP issues - I know MM solved it. We just finished a leg 14;30 LCL in NZ so can appreciate the zonal difficulties - too bad as we'd love the company.

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    Here are three pictures of the last few flights. Hope to get back into the swing of thing when we write about the mis-adventure of Flight 19

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    We did some scud running out to a small island airfield (NZOX?). Kind of a short runway, but not too bad.

    The ol' JRS seemed to enjoy the outing. I might just have to take her out of retirement.
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    Hi everyone!

    Nice surprise, we are back in the air after a lot of downtime due to flying an old bird. Hehe, just like me kind of poop out earlier than I used to. Let me tell you, getting old sucks. hehe. Back to bidness, OK, as usual I forgot to load the bloody camera so no pictures. Srgalahad and Dudley and I flew from Okiwi to Tauranga, and of course ATC kept saying like rain, now those boobs should go outside and get their behind wet and realize that this is not a light rain. Clearing out the plane interior from all the junk our passenger have left. Oh well, just hope we get paid at the next airport! The war chess is getting low on funds. We will be OK as long as one of flight 19 pilots credit card keeps accepting our fuel cost. Hehe.

    Catch you all later, and I will put film in the camera. hehe

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    Not much to say apart from horrid flying weather. Nothing too exciting, apart from not watching my Fuel Burn and having to dead stick it into Hastings. Decided from that point to cruise above the clouds not in them!

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    Hey there!

    OK, I just went crazy with the camera on this flight. hehe, trying to make up for my boo boo! For a change we didn't have any rain on this junket, but some low clouds was kind of worrisome, but they open up on approach which sure made it different than some of the landing in the past. This flight was leaving Tauranga and heading to Wairoa. We flew over some rough looking landscape and if you needed to go down in case of an emergency, fellow you would be in deep poopie believe me.

    Today's flight will be from Wairoa to Feilding maybe this time we will see the golden arches in order to get a big Mac. hehe. What we will really need would be a nice hotel to stay in, instead of sleeping under the wing, hehe not really. See you all tomorrow.

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    Hehe, Howdy Folks,

    I keep complaining about the rain, but it sure make the country side nice and green! So, from now on I will keep me big mouth shut about the rain in New Zealand, hehe! but, I will find something else to complain about. It was a fairly nice flight, we were told that we would need to climb up over 6,000 feet, evidently there were some very high hill on the route to Feilding. Srgalahad and Moses decided to do some tree hopping and flew down low mainly thru canyons and what ever. Now me, we stayed just a little over the tops of the highest peaks, didn't want the local to make beer cans out of me wrecked plane. lol. When we got to Feilding I asked a question of one of the local law enforcement about some of the folks we have been transporting thru New Zealand. Boy! did I get the third degree, but no answer! Only do your job and keep your mouth shut! hehe, that could be a problem for this group! Ah...heck just two more flights and this thing will be done and we get paid, me think.

    Pictures: lol didn't forget to take pictures.

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    Jim fouled his plugs again.

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    Hello all,

    Well, the New Zealand adventure is completed! What an adventure is was, we had lots of rain and big snow loaded mountains, and when the weather cooperated we also saw some nice country scenery. This last flight was a thriller with some of the mountain having a lot of snow and some cloud cover, and there was a chance we could run into one of those beasts. Both of us, Srgalahad and Dudley and I did a lot of climbing and it got a wee bit chilly, and me forgetting my fur lined pink jump suit. hehe. Both had nice landing, I think we were just showing off to the locals who heard that two old planes were landing a Christchurch this day. We unload all of the cargo and passenger and then removed our things from the Aircrafts. We, by some chance, had a car waiting for us in order to take us to a major airline where we had tickets for Buffalo, NY. USA. Really looking forward to have some nice lobster and some local spirits. Sure looks like we will a long period for R&R. Believe me I don't think so. Hehe

    One picture, As Dudley and I along with the Hudson flew thru any pass. Hehe so far no dent or scratches to the plane and Srgalahad gave us a look over and to our relief the plane still had all of it's part.

    Some long folks, and we sure will be doing another adventure soon. darn it. hehe

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