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    Lockheed Vega development

    Hey folks,

    I really want to share some of the development on the Vega with you. I am currently working on Update 0.90, which will include a better interface for the aircraft maintenance. One part of the new system is the new reporting screen. I implemented what's now called the "aircraft desk:"

    From here, you can access the aircraft log and an engine log:

    Furthermore, the maintenance manual moved here as well:

    The maintenance manual fulfills the function of reporting any malfunctions or problems found by your mechanic, Jack.

    The Vega will log each flight in the two log books, so you can keep track of fuel and oil consumption and keep some maintenance records of your aircraft and engine. Check it out:

    There's still some issues with the formatting of some strings, but the underlying database works like charm. Pretty cool, hu?

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    Great news, and the second aircraft in development.

    Concerning the web site I see you are still plagued by spammers etc.

    Two suggestions.

    Any new member must have his first post approved before being able to post more.

    Jarek said there was a way to stop spammers.

    I would be willing to moderate the site for you if you cannot find time to do it yourself or a younger person to take on the task.PM me if you can find no other solution.

    Cheers Chris

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    I wrote up a little post over in my forum, going more into detail about the new maintenance features, check it out:

    Hey Chris,

    Thanks for the response! That's actually a really good idea to have the first post moderated before anything else can get posted. That should sort this problem out for the most part. I'll investigate if there's such settings in the forum software.

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    Hey folks,

    I'm still busy with version 0.9. There's still quite a bit to go through, but bit by bit we're getting closer! I put together a little clip to showcase your mechanic Jack and how you interact with him in the sim:

    The 3d model of the Winnie Mae is now complete and the fuselage tanks are hooked up. She's ready to fly around the world yet again!

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    Fantastic job!
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    Did I miss the update? No word on the Vega recently.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dvj View Post
    Did I miss the update? No word on the Vega recently.

    I just checked at wing42 and 0.85 is latest available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gray eagle View Post
    I just checked at wing42 and 0.85 is latest available.
    Was thinking update 0.9. Looks like that is yet to be released.


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    methinks it has all gone pear shaped again..

    I do not think Otmar is being supported enough to continue updating the model..

    A great shame as it is a super product but perhaps not popular with enough people.

    cheers chris

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    The last Vega update was v0.85.02 in April 2019, less than six months ago. Vitus is working on a significant feature enhancement of his Vega project, in addition to completing and enhancing/correcting the base model. This level of work takes time. I don't think that he's "slowed down" from either disinterest or lack of support. This last 10% of the project may well tale 90% of the time. Vitus' Vega project is already quite good, getting better and is well worth the wait!

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