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P-61 rumblings

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A friend of mine died today, run down by some guy in a car that didnt think he should have to slow down. My friends 16 year old daughter was also hit. She's in ICU.
Somehow over 3 gigs of gauges got deleted from my gauges folder. good thing there was a backup.
The plane works perfectly n my machine, but another person is having problems. I have to wonder what the difference is.. I need Delata558 to get his eyes on this thing and shred it. He's the best tester in the world, literally, and he's a good friend. someone i can trust..
Outbursts and explosions, mostly caused by a medical issue that they know about, but wont treat. They just want to keep taking more blood. I'm simply not myself at all..
Modeling on the Lady continues on. Robert keeps working his magic with her and i get to sit back and enjoy his work. He's begun setting the plan up to map UV texture mapping.. What ive seen so far has been remarkable.

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