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  1. CrisGer's Avatar
    thanks for sharing Pam and thanks so much for all you do, i just started becoming aware of your activities with the work on the PT boat, but am sure glad you and people like you come here with us, it makes the diverse community the lively and remarkable place that it is. thanks and keep up whatever your fancy leads you to do for and with us. Cheers and thanks and be thankful you ARE in Oregon, i am in Colorado and i just saw the ground for the first time since last november..(due to snow).....but it is still colder outside than in my freezer

    love your Avatar? are you an anime follower? i am .

  2. warchild's Avatar
    Sorry Tom. Not only for taking most of a year to actually see and reply to your post, but to the fact that the P-61 will only be for FSX.. We're alrady pushing close to the 200000 poly count, and a good third of those are animated parts. by the time the plane is completed, that poly count will slip past 300000 and the anumations will constitute over seventy five percent of the aircraft. In order to export it to fs9 all the animations would have to be reworked, and all the texture mapping would have to be redone. Even in fsx, its an extremely complex and massive aircraft thats almost impossible to do ( almost, but not impossible ). In FS9 it would be impossible without some major reduction in components and animations as well as textures ( we currently use 2048x2048 textures . I'm very sorry..
  3. TomSteber's Avatar
    I'm very excited to hear about this project. I was unaware of it.
    Will this be for FS9?
    Anyway, good luck with it and keep us posted.