Welcome Sim-Outhouse

The server will be new.

The forum software is new.

We are going to go live on the new server April 24, 2024. Get ready as it will be one bumpy ride. Because we can't have the site exist in 2 places at once you will connect to the new server at this address.
We will shutoff the forums to backup the database and copy it to the new server. The the old forums will be closed to new posts.

The .com will get redirected as soon as we can but there is a lot to do on that item.

The Library now called Resources (for now that is) is new. This will change back to Warbirds Library after the final file is migrated. That is going to be a hugh manual task. I tried hard to figure out how to script it but no luck. Even the developer of the software says it is better to manually migrate it.

The old Library is still running on the old server. No new files will be added to it starting April 24, 2024. All new files will be added to the New Server. No new user registrations will be allowed on the old server.

The old server will stay running unilt July 31, 2024. Then we pull the plug so to speak.

There is a lot to do during the turn up. Somethings may not work as expected but keep checking back things will get better.

The file library is our biggest concern. We need a team of volunteers to help migrate to the new server just like we did over some 10 years ago. I would hope we could get volunteers from each of our forum sections. The key thing about the resource section on the new software is it is almost just like creating a forum post. I rather like the look of it.

Check out the new site today. Test it freely but know that anything that is posted to it will be deleted when we go to restore the last database from the old server.

If you commonly upload files take the time to upload a few files to test the new system.

Sorry for the short notice

The Staff