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  • Motormouse's Avatar
    Today, 12:54
    Think there was one in one of the vfr Germany scenery packs by these publishers Don't know if you can still locate the fs2004 packs around the interweb Ttfn Pete
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  • gavinc's Avatar
    Today, 12:11
    gavinc replied to a thread P3D_V4 NH-90 for P3D V4.5 in Prepar3D
    From your previous 2 posts it sounds like your model wasn't a true FSX conversion (they would have interior and exterior files separated) If you haven't already - read all the way thru this tutorial on converting models Convert FS2004 Aircraft to FSX ( Pay special attention to part 7 about creating a VC good luck
    5 replies | 128 view(s)
  • ZsoltB's Avatar
    Today, 12:08
    ZsoltB replied to a thread P3D_V5 Screenshots P3D V 5 in Prepar3D
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  • one-eye's Avatar
    Today, 11:59
    Need Aircraft Packages Version 1 + 2 + 3 to Join - All Welcome GAME On U Need Firestorm/Fre's Aircraft package to join Limited Ammo / T.A.C. up Set ur Fuel u fool TS3 at SOH----->
    1005 replies | 118333 view(s)
  • Tom Clayton's Avatar
    Today, 11:31
    Tom Clayton replied to a thread Screenshots in MSFS (FS2020)
    I was poking around the Marketplace and found an "enhanced" version of the TBM that enables different information to be displayed on each PFD. The description says it can be hard on some systems, but from the frames I'm seeing, it's no problem here. Just left TNCM on an air taxi run with a load of tourists, leveled off at 17,000 to maintain VFR, nice comfy cruise set with 85% NG to save fuel. Fantastic day to be flying!
    4811 replies | 542327 view(s)
  • Shadow Wolf 07's Avatar
    Today, 11:26
    This is the 40's ol buddy. When I pull into a gas station, a guy runs out (rain or shine), fills me up, washes my windshield and asks if I want my oil checked too. Too bad we have ration cards due to the war. :wink: P.S: "Beta testers"? We don't got no beta testers! We don't need no stinking beta testers!! (I asked for volunteers, but no one came forward.) If there are omissions or errors, I'm sure the first down loaders will inform me. I will get my ground crew on them right away. Admittedly, my later missions are better than the first two sets. I had to relearn some of the MB tricks and learned to employ some new ones along the way. You folks' assistance and advice was spread over many months. Some newer weapons, scenery objects and vehicle downloads that I...
    205 replies | 18640 view(s)
  • Miggers's Avatar
    Today, 10:36
    Drove past the old SARO works last year en route to Beaumaris. Apparently there would be upto 100 Catalinas moored in the 'Straits awaiting work. They were flown from the U.S directly and moored there whilst awaiting work to put in the RAF equipment.
    15 replies | 638 view(s)
  • K5083's Avatar
    Today, 10:28
    K5083 replied to a thread Freeware T-37 Tweet in MSFS (FS2020)
    Central console below the instructor's throttle handle, after unlocking using the lever on the cockpit sidewall. August
    56 replies | 1746 view(s)
  • Miggers's Avatar
    Today, 10:27
    Can't believe that no one has done a Hahnweide scenery for this lovely South German airfield and the Fliegertreffen they hold there. It's a mecca for warbird/30's/40's aircraft.
    1 replies | 46 view(s)
  • hertzie's Avatar
    Today, 10:22
    Sneaking through the bushes, trying to come as near to the Soesterberg runway as you could, just hoping that you would be faster than the MP's and making pictures with your East German(!) analogue camera (they were not that expensive and had the best shutterspeed) as quick as you could and leave almost completely deaf after they had started in pairs...... Thanks very much for your great work !!!! hertzie.
    26 replies | 1916 view(s)
  • Dutch_P47M's Avatar
    Today, 10:16
    I was thinking of buying TC at the spring sale. But what did close my wallet was that knowing the whole IL2/RoF series is a bit sterile, I suspect this is also counting for TC. While for flying this is a minor aspect, but for an Tank game its a big immersion breaker. Think to make the game more popular 1C need to introduce infantry movement in cooperation with the tanks and an Western front.
    5 replies | 193 view(s)
  • dvj's Avatar
    Today, 10:07
    96 replies | 3600 view(s)
  • Deathwind's Avatar
    Today, 09:59
    Donít forget to gas it up or it might crash again halfway through a mission . Now would be a good time to change the fluids and spark plugs before uploading it.
    205 replies | 18640 view(s)
  • heywooood's Avatar
    Today, 09:59
    I have settled on the paint scheme for this model it's been a while since I have done a checkered cowling but I'm willing to take a run at it on this project.
    493 replies | 364898 view(s)
  • dvj's Avatar
    Today, 09:57
    it was fairly easy to install again, although I still have to disable my anti-virus software to do it. The exterior bump maps have been increased.Doors open and closeflight deck seats do look better.Guages have been fixed. Other items noted in the update text are a work in progress. I will not express any opinion one way or the other. The exterior now remindes me of an Airfix model I once owned.
    96 replies | 3600 view(s)
  • MIKE JG's Avatar
    Today, 09:56
    MIKE JG replied to a thread Freeware T-37 Tweet in MSFS (FS2020)
    Stupid question, how do you get the canopy to open?? Can't find the switch anywhere!
    56 replies | 1746 view(s)
  • heywooood's Avatar
    Today, 09:48
    thenks Tom - I was on my phone this morning and for some reason it kept copying the wrong thread ..couldn't have been operator error
    96 replies | 3600 view(s)
  • collensr's Avatar
    Today, 09:46
    collensr replied to a thread Freeware T-37 Tweet in MSFS (FS2020)
    I knew we would have the answers here !! Very interesting thank you !!
    56 replies | 1746 view(s)
  • Shadow Wolf 07's Avatar
    Today, 09:24
    Thanks John. I will try it. The panel I got with the plane is 1024 x 768 and by sandydog . I reloaded all the gauges and will replace the panel with the one you posted. (5 minutes later) I tried it in the Pe2_205. It worked in Free Flight and I ran the mission via MB and gue what? She worked! :jump::applause::ernaehrung004: Thanks again! Moving on...:running: Greg Kdriver: Thank you too.
    205 replies | 18640 view(s)
  • jankees's Avatar
    Today, 09:19
    jankees replied to a thread Freeware T-37 Tweet in MSFS (FS2020)
    someone mentioned bare metal, working on it: bm (0002) by JanKees Blom, on Flickr bm (0005) by JanKees Blom, on Flickr bm (0006) by JanKees Blom, on Flickr
    56 replies | 1746 view(s)
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